Feathers for Spring

Wearing a pink feather collar with a pink short sleeve puff sleeve top, beige skirt, beige rockstud heels and holding a beige purse.

Feathers add a bit of fun to this Spring outfit.

A few weeks ago as I was attempting to clean out my closet when I came across this feather collar that I purchased from H&M a few years back. I decided to try it on and I just happened to be wearing this puff sleeve top at that time. To my surprised they looked perfect together! Now I normally would wear this collar in the fall with a black sweater. However, it looked so good with this top I thought why not try wearing it during the warmer months. The colour is also one of this Spring’s Pantone colours “Rose Quartz,” so I figured it would work. I paired the feather collar and top with a neutral skirt, bag and heels. What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear feathers for Spring?

Feathers for Spring Outfit - with head turned to side.Feathers for Spring Outfit - facing forward.Feathers for Spring Outfit - close up.Feathers for Spring Outfit - close up.Feathers for Spring Outfit - close up head turned.
Feather Collar: H&M (old.)  Top: Bebe (old) Love this one Here.  Skirt: Old Navy.  Shoes: BCBG.
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Blue and Jean

Wearing a blue bodycon dress, jean shirt, flatform slides and crossbody bag.

The combination of blue and jean go surprisingly well in today’s casual outfit.

I didn’t realize how much I love the colour blue until I started blogging. Looking back I see just how many blue items I own and how much I love wearing them. This outfit is one of my “go to” looks that I brought with me on my Palm Beach trip last month. This blue bodycon dress is so versatile though I usually wear it for casual day occasions and pair it with a jean shirt and flatform slides. I really love how the blue colour of the dress and the wash of this jean shirt complement each other. What do you think of this outfit? Would you pair the colour blue and jean together? Is there a colour that you didn’t realize you wear all the time until you looked back at outfit photos?

Blue and Jean Outfit at Palm Beach in room.Blue and Jean Outfit at Palm Beach in front of display.Blue and Jean Outfit at Palm Beach in shopping center.Blue and Jean Outfit with Blue Raybans on.Blue and Jean OutfitBlue and Jean Outfit - close upBlue and Jean Outfit - Close Up.
Dress: Vera Moda (old) Similar Here.  Jean Shirt: Vintage, Similar Here.  Flatforms: Nasty Gal (old) Similar Here and Love these Stella McCartney ones Here.
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What to Pack for Spring Break

Accessories laid out on a white ottoman. Straw hat with black bow, blue mirrored sunglasses, black crossbody bag with chain strap, pink and navy palm print bikini and black belt with gold buckel.

It’s spring break time and I’m packing for my trip.

I’m heading to Palm Beach, Fl for a last minute Spring vacation and I thought I’d share my tips on what to pack. I only take one carryon bag which means packing light. This can be quite difficult, but I’ve come up with a packing plan.

Shoes – Start by packing the shoes.

I start by choosing two pairs of comfortable shoes, one to wear and the other to pack. For this trip I’m wearing these rockstuds on the plane, which can double as night time shoes.  These are really comfortable despite the fact that they are heels. Then the flatforms I’ll pack and wear during the day and to the beach and pool since they’re waterproof.
Black flatforms and black rockstud shoes.

Tops – Pack transitional solid colour tops.

Next I pack solid colour tops that go with everything. I try to include a mix of lightweight and heavier tops for air conditioning and weather changes. For this trip I’m packing a jean shirt, a super lightweight black cardigan, a black sleeveless top, a pink sleeveless top, and a white short sleeve button down.Tops laid out on ottoman. A jean shirt, a super lightweight black cardigan,and a black sleeveless top.
White short sleeve button down and pink sleeveless tops laid on ottoman.

Bottoms – Pack solids and one or two prints.

When choosing the bottoms I like to get creative, though this trip is mainly casual so I packed two pairs of solid colour shorts for the beach and casual day time activities. Then a fun print skirt and a beige ruffled skirt for dressier events.
Two pairs of shorts on ottoman. One beige and one white.
Two skirts on ottoman. One beige with ruffles and the other printed with black and yellow floral design.

Dresses – Pack dresses that can transition from day to night.

I like to pack at least two dresses that can go from day to night. For this trip I chose a long sleeve printed silk dress  and a sleeveless blue dress. Both of these look great with both pairs of shoes, which is an important factor.
Black long sleeve printed paisley dress hanging up.Blue sleeveless dress hanging up.

Accessories – Accessories are key when packing.

This is the most important category since accessories will take an outfit from casual to dressy and from day to night. For this trip I’m packing a floppy hat, a small purse that matches both pairs of shoes, sunglasses, and belt that can be worn with both dresses. I’m also packing some earrings and a few necklaces as well as my makeup bag.(not shown here.) And I can’t forget my a bathing suit and a cover up (not shown.)Accessories laid out on a white ottoman. Straw hat with black bow, blue mirrored sunglasses, black crossbody bag with chain strap, pink and navy palm print bikini and black belt with gold buckel.

Don’t Forget the Airport Outfit

I choose this outfit way in advance mainly because I hate traveling and am super nervous the day of. So for my airport outfit, I’m wearing a sweater and jeans because it tends to be cold on the plane.Blue sweater and jeans on ottoman.
In my next few posts I’ll show you how I style these items while on vacation. I actually don’t enjoy traveling, but my husband and relatives always plan these trips so I thought I’d share some of my Spring adventures. Are you going anywhere fun for Spring break? Do you enjoy traveling? Do you pack light for vacations?

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How to Style a Choker

Wearing black choker with black and coloured striped sleeveless top and black pants.

Here are two easy ways to style a simple black choker.

I’m loving the choker trend and wanted to share my two favourite ways to style it. For the first outfit I paired my black velvet choker with a striped sleeveless top, black lightweight suede look pants, blue fishnet socks and black mary janes. This is a fun casual, yet classy look. The second outfit is dressier and perfect for going out. I paired the choker with a silk t-shirt, ruffled skirt, novelty bag, and nude rockstud heels. What do you think of these outfits? Do you like the choker trend? Have you worn one lately?

First Outfit: Choker + Striped Top + Black Pants

Choker Necklace Outfit holding black patent clutch and wearing black patent maryjanes and blue fishnet socks.Choker Necklace Outfit - head turned slightly.Up close of black patent maryjanes with blue fishnet socks.

Second Outfit: Choker + Silk Tee + Ruffled Skirt

Wearing black choker, beige silk t-shirt, beige ruffled skirt, nude rockstud shoes, and a fan crossbody bag.Choker Necklace Outfit - skirt with head turned.Choker Necklace Outfit - skirt - up close of mid section.
First Outfit: Top: Red by Marc Ecko (old)  Pants: LEI (old) Similar Here.  Socks: No label, purchased at TJmaxx.  Shoes: Manolo.
Second Outfit:  Top: Tahari (old)  Skirt: BCBG (old)  Purse: Alice + Olivia.  Shoes: BCBG.
Choker: Suspicion (old) – Comes with a detachable snowflake charm, which I removed. Similar Here.
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How to Wear Fur Cuffs

Black faux fur cuffs on the sleeves of a black turtleneck with a leather skirt and black crossbody.
So I’ve been on a fur kick lately and decided to wear another one my favourite winter accessories, faux fur cuffs. I actually purchased these a few years back at ASOS. They are very versatile and can be placed on the sleeves of any top or jacket. I usually wear them with a tight fitting top like this turtleneck. I paired this with a dark brown leather skirt, black shoes and a black crossbody bag. What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear fur cuffs?
Full body outfit of black turtleneck with faux fur cuffs.Full body outfit with fur cuffs turned slightly to the side.Full outfit with faux fur cuffs facing forward.
Now I do have to say that it is a bit difficult to eat with these cuffs on. So if you are planning to have say a burger or do something where you need to use your hands, then skip the cuffs and save them for a night out on the town. Closer view of side of outfit with faux fur cuffs.Another close up of outfit.Close up of the fur cuffs and crossbody bag.Close up of fur cuff on arm.
The other accessories are vintage hammy downs. I am very lucky to have received a lot of really special handed down items. These shoes are over 20 years old and have the flower on the toe, which I just love. I know square toes are not the thing at the moment, but I really love the way they look with this outfit.
Close up of shoes, fur cuffs, and crossbody bag on floor.
Fur Cuffs: ASOS, old. This Lady makes them on Etsy, and I also found a great DIY Here.  Turtleneck: Ann Taylor.  Skirt: Vintage.

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How to Style a Furry Scarf over a Winter Coat

A snow storm is just above where I live and it is freezing today. So to keep warm I decided to wear a houndstooth winter coat which I purchased for my grandmother years before she passed. A furry scarf by Unreal fur, which has been my go-to accessory lately, and vintage leather gloves. Underneath I’m wearing a jean shirt under a v-neck sweater. With all of these layers I hope to stay warm during this winter storm.

Faux fur scarves are one of the trends that I’m loving this winter. They are very versatile and go with almost anything. My favorite way to style this scarf is to wear it over a coat. Here are three fun ways to style it over a winter coat.

One Side Tucked

Here I tuck in the small end piece of the blue side of the scarf and button the coat around it.

Open Front

CrissCrossed Front

Here I (gently) pin the underside of the blue side of the scarf to the top side of the black side of the scarf.
What do you think of the faux fur scarf trend? Are you in the path of the snow storm that is hitting the eastern U.S. today? I hope you are all safe and warm.