Chic Dress Designs for Parties

When it comes to weddings and gatherings, Pakistani women prefer new tints and styles beyond limits. Admiring the latest trends, they know what ladies dress design to opt for when a party is near. Their diverse thoughts gathered together help them to pick out a chic and drool worthy dress, which is one of the best. Due to the advancement of social media and the internet, it is very easy to investigate when it comes to the latest trends and fashion. Decide what to wear according to the latest fashion trends.

A lot of different Pakistani designers and stores have propelled their luxury collection, party dresses, formal and semi formal dresses, which helps us a lot when it comes to choosing what to wear at a party. Here are a few of the designer and non-designer ladies dress designs to choose from, for your next party, or hi-tea with the girls. Grasping these ideas would give them the opportunity to come up with a brilliant attire, incorporating their own choices.

Dress Design Designer Dress

The Pakistan fashion industry is flourishing by the day, step by step. Although there is a long way to go, they are very quick when it comes to fashion and style. Different brands have come up with alluring and rich designs of clothes at their boutiques and shops. The brands come up with designs in every size and every cut, to fit the ordinary house wife with a pear shaped body, and a a working woman who has an active and toned body. So one never worries about the sizes, because there is a huge range to choose from.

There is a wide range of ladies dress designs out there. it is very simple for them to get the kind of outfit they desire, without even dripping a sweat. Since there is so much of variety, one can never run out of something new to wear every time. There is an immense variety of designs, prints and colors, which can help them feature a style of their own. In addition to complementing their favorite highlights, and hiding the ones that they are not too fond of.

Starting from the mid blowing wedding dresses to the ever casual and chic party dresses, there is a considerable amount that has increased prominently in the country. Making the particular fame angle of each dress prominent, ladies discover new designs that are alluring and chic everyday.

Ladies Dresses Designs and Styles


Red is the color of elegance. Probably whoever came out with this phrase was right, that whenever you are in doubt, wear red. Such party outfits are easily accessible in the market and you do not necessarily need to go to a designer to get such kind of an outfit made. Designed by numerous elite designers and experts, this dress design is the trend of the century for every event and party. Those who love bold colors, would happily wear an outfit that is all red. In case you think it is too much, change the color of the pants to anything contrasting like green or black.

Black and Gold

Black and Gold is the color that is loved by many since several decades. It is the most loved color combination when it comes to the ladies dress designs. This black and gold themed dress is designed specifically to inspire the ladies of today. This outfit is perfect for a spring night time occasion, maybe a dinner party or somebody’s formal event. But, avoid wearing this shade during the day time because you do not want the sun to soak into your clothes.

Subtle Shades

Subtle and pastel shades like baby pink, light blue, and beige are perfect for the summer. These shades are also worn very commonly by most girls these days, for it looks ethereal and classy. Obviously living in Pakistan, it is super warm and sunny during the summers, so such shades can be perfect. They do not soak the heat like the color black. Many designers have come up with pastel colors this season in most of their designs, for it is the most wanted these days.

Prints and Colors

If you want to go with something daring and courageous, wear prints and colors. For instance pair a multicolored shirt, or maybe a single color shirt with black and white printed pants. That makes and outfit stand out. on top of that the black and white shade of the pants enhances the color of the shirt. It can also be done the other way round. Meaning colored pants with a black and white shirt. Sometimes many women do not like a lot of prints on their shirts, especially if it is checks and lines which is usually the print in black and white clothes. In that case you can wear a plain black or white shirt with colored pants. Believe it or not, this fashion frenzy design would make you the show stopper of the party.

Floral Designs

Surely everybody loves flowers. After all they are the most loved thing by nature. A floral printed or floral mosaic type shirt is the perfect attire for parties. This kind of a dress design inspires many for its uniqueness. Anyone who wants to look like the lady of the century would go with such a design or print.


The classical and oldest design idea is embroidery. If you cannot decide anything, just close your eyes and get an embroidered outfit, because one can never go wrong with that.

Ladies Dresses Stitching Designs: How To Design Your Favorite Lawn Outfits?

Stitching lawn outfits according to the latest trends is the immediate visual, haute couture of the famous designers. The artisans focus on different styles featuring drapes, beads, lace, elaborated fabrics and crystals. However stitching your own lawn outfits can be a bit intimidating. Lawn dresses stitching designs go back to a several years, and it was the trend making your own outfits back in the nineties.

Later, the evolution of tailors entered. But sincerely speaking, most women are definitely sick of the tremendous errands they have to run just because their tailors do not stitch things on time. Or mess up what has been asked for. Surely every lady out there can relate to this. Then, why not just stitch your own clothes? Go back to the era of our grand moms and moms. By learning some basic techniques and basics, you can take an idea from the sketches and patterns to construct them yourself. Just a few simple guidelines and practice can enable you to stitch your own lawn dresses in no time.

Lawn Dress Design

Shalwar Kameez dates back to the era of the Romans. A kameez that is stitched with the perfect measurements and cuts can look very flattering. it can be either worn with matching pants and a dupatta, basically a three piece lawn suit. or it can be worn with jeans and leggings, just how the girls like to do it these days.

There are several trendy designs, be it just a simple lawn suit design to wear to work or incorporating embellishments to make it an ethereal evening lawn clothing.

However if you have made up your mind and want to stitch your own lawn shalwar kameez. Probably because you hate your tailors or just want to save money, or maybe just try out something new for yourself. Follow some simple steps and you would get there. It might seem difficult and cringe worthy at first if you are doing it for the first time. But do not fret. You can always stop and take a break. Try again later, your clothes are not going to run away.

Step 1- Initial Concept

First thing is first. You need to build up a sketch of how you want your outfit to be. Although you can go through several magazines, runway shows and get an idea, the main key to getting the perfect lawn dresses stitching designs is the fabric, selection of trims, the silhouettes and the construction. Visit one of your favorite malls and see how the clothes at the stores have been stitched. Taking notes of the construction and draping of the clothes is a wise thing to do, and very helpful as well. For instance, a lawn shirt with a boat neck and pleats can be a perfect evening outfit. Or a bodice draped around and a hem shirt at the bottom half to give it a westernized look, paired with bell bottom pants. try a luxury lawn collection which has different seams, finishes and trims for the application.

Step 2- Fabric Selection

Fabric selection is one of the most important steps when it comes to making a lawn shalwar kameez. Well, the benefit of yearly lawn collections prevents you from running to different vendors to get cloth. But, if you are sick of the same old cliche prints and want to do something for yourself, you might have to go to different stores looking for cloth. Your choice mainly depends on the type of design you are looking for. Hold the fabric up top and look at yourself in the mirror.

Ask yourself, will this design and print look on me? Do I have the physique for this lawn print and design? Look at the natural drape and material of the fabric. Depending on the occasion it is for. get a mixture of silk and net laces to finish the borders and sleeves. Thread worked neck and sleeve designs can also be added to the clothes to give it a more evening wear attire. You can also buy chiffon and silk for the sleeves, it looks great.

And if you are a “go to the store and buy the lawn collection kind of person”, everything already comes with the suit. be it the lace, the sleeves or the embroidery.

Step 3- Measurements

Measure yourself properly. Make sure you measure everything. After all, nobody likes an ill fitted outfit. measure the length of your pants by placing your measuring tape on your waist, or belly and take it all the way to your ankles. That is your full length which can be adjusted sorter or longer according to the changing trends. The measurement of the hips and thighs should be measured with the length of your pants.

Next measure your inseam, chest, and shoulders. Followed by the measurement of the sleeves and neck. Last but not the least measure the length of your kameez accordingly. Short above the knees, medium till the knees and long till the mid calf.

Step 4- Stitching

Once the pattern has been designed, continue with the stitching. Draft the initial pattern that you made and make a sloper before you proceed with cutting the fabric. A sloper is a sample fabric such as a muslin. It is inexpensive and offers you the opportunity to drape your clothing accordingly. Adjust it and change it without causing any damage to the fabric.

Viola! After just following some simple steps, you can stitch clothes. Following is a video which teaches you how to actually stitch, since most of us probably do not know how to.



Pakistani Formal Dresses 2018

Getting married is a once in a life time experience for many. Experiencing the entire event, having a room filled with your loved ones, vowing to always stay together, and promising a life time full of love with your significant other. The bond of marriage is sacred, especially when you belong to a Pakistani family, where getting wedding invitations is a monthly thing. For that very reason, you spend a thousand on rupees on wedding dress designs, because everybody wants to be the show stopper of the party!

Pakistani Dress Designs

Starting from the grand functions of Mehendi, to the day of the “Rukhsati”- day of saying goodbye, followed by a formal reception. Every Pakistani wedding consists of at least three events if not any more. Depending on everyone’s likes and dislikes, weddings go on for up to a month as well. Moreover, the most important concern for the girl to be wedded is her bridal outfit dress design. As the days approach closer, the anxiety level increases, and the struggle to get the perfect outfit establishes. The bride gets the best of bridal dresses that she can afford by hook or by crook.

Whether it is a deep red, traditional “Lehanga” or a subtle western inspired gown, a bridal dress depicts your personality. So, always choose wisely. Luckily the Pakistani dress designers work hard enough to come up with designer dresses according to everyone’s personal needs and requirements. The face of designer dresses when it comes to bridal fashion has changed drastically over the past few years. Exceeding expectations, bridal dresses are not just the traditional and cultural designs, instead there is an incorporation of both western and eastern cuts and prints. Basically, you can get whatever suits your personality.

Designer’s Dresses

So if you lived your entire life dreaming of that fairy tale wedding, wearing a turquoise Cinderella gown, your dreams would come true. Thanks to the bridal dress evolution.

It can be immense pleasure and fun when it comes to shopping for your big day. As long as you know what you want. Otherwise it becomes a huge hassle. But, knowing where to go, and the huge variety of outfits that are available can decrease some of your dilemma and confusion. Making things easier for those who are unaware and going through this for the first time ever in their family, here is a list of few typical dress designs. They can be found anywhere and everywhere around the country. Be it a designer store or a local market, you will come across these ravishing designs for sure.

Lehanga Choli

Seeking inspiration from the sub continents of India, the lehanga choli has become very common during the past few years. A short tunic blouse, with intricate embellishments paired with a flared lehanga makes a woman look beautiful and bold. Most designers have introduced breath taking designs when it comes to lehanga choli, depicting an ethereal and magical appearance.

Peplum Top with Sharara/Gharara

Inspired from the western attire, a peplum top paired with a sharara or gharara is the inn dress design these days. Well, we all know how traditional it was to wear a gharara and sharara back in the day. Seeing our mothers and grandmothers rock the fancy designs of shararas and ghararas at weddings. These designs have been re created by the designers, reviving the old times, incorporating them with the modern world of today. These designs enhance your persona, being crafted the way you desire. They look ethereal, giving a traditional yet modern look to the brides of today.


We all remember the tribe of Akbar, where Anarkali wore an angharka with lavishing prints and colors everyday. Well, just how they say it, the style never dies. Probably one of the reasons why they are still worn today by many even after so many decades have passed. For its traditional ethnicity, and cultural depiction. Not only the brides but women prefer wearing an angharka to formal events. Several designers have given a twist to these traditional cuts and designs. Pairing them with flared or cigarette pants instead of just the regular churidaar pajama, which makes the bride look spectacular beyond words.


Every bride you see at a wedding wears a peplum these days. Well, its because it looks gorgeous mo matter what the design is. you can definitely try this out and opt for it depending on your physique and look. Because to be honest, peplum tops look good on people who are skinny. So if you are obese, avoid wearing it on your big day. Pair it up with a gharara or lehanga of the similar or different material. Do not worry about wearing it only once, because this bridal fashion is here to stay for long. You can always switch the heavy gharara with plain pants to utilize your outfit else where formally.

Gowns/ Maxi

Surely every girl who is getting married grew up watching fairy tales. Planned on wearing the same kind of gown as her favorite princess. And if you still want to stick to what you decided to wear when you were ten, then wear a maxi or gown. Mixing the two eastern and western cultures, a gown gives the bride a classic look. You will come across at least a hundred different types of designs while shopping for a gown, go with the one that suits you the best. Taking inspiration from the western designers, you can wear a silk gown incorporated with net and floral designs. Whereas an eastern, cultural and trendy gown can be created with any material full of intricate thread work and embroidery, followed by a trail if you wish. A simple or a gown with a trail is completely your choice.

Top Designer Dresses for Weddings in Pakistan

Dress designs in Pakistan have made a huge contribution to the fashion industry. The contributions made in the past years, are remarkable, like never before. If you are looking for a fashion trendy outfit for your wedding, whether you are the bride or just an attendee, Pakistani designers should be your number one choice. Depending on the occasions, there are a variety of designs to choose from, according to every woman’s personal needs. The era where ladies sat at home and stitched their own clothes, or went to the stores to buy cloth which their ever lazy tailors never stitched in the given time. You can easily just pick up your wallet and get an appointment with your favorite designer, and they would make it all for you.

Obviously, every bride is on top of the world when she is getting married. She wants the best of everything even if she has to cross all budgets for that. Well, at least there is no more of that fretting, because access to breathtaking, spectacular clothes is just a drive away.

Designer Outfits 2018

The designers of Pakistan work relentlessly, day and night to come up with the perfect outfit that every girl can wear on her special day. Most of us have this perspective that the not everyone can afford those once in a lifetime designer wedding outfits. Well, that is not the case anymore. Some designers are definitely worth a lot of investment, whereas some are very budget friendly as well. In case you cannot afford either, do not get disheartened because you can always get your favorite designer clothes copied. But beware… Don’t let the creators find out!

Here are a few top designer wedding and formal outfits to take inspiration from!

Sania Maskatya

Saniya Maskatya, who is comparatively new when it comes to the industry of fashion, makes dresses that are worth crossing your budget for. Keeping the jokes aside, she has done a tremendous job with the bridal attires. The intricate hand work and color combinations are definitely worth the investment. Focusing more on the Swarovski crystals, and beads along with other elements, her collection is unique and one of a kind.

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa has made a mark in the fashion industry with his collection since several years. The dresses usually comprise of heavy, intricate embroidery, with a pop of different colors. After all, everyone deserves to wear the best on their special day. The designs of the outfits are produced according to the evolution of time. From sarees, to lehangas, to peplum tops, he makes whatever suits the season.

There is no doubt when it comes to the fact that his bridal collection is one of the top. Winning every woman’s heart, the collection is fine and drool worthy.

Zainab Chottani

Making a bridal collection that is unique and one of a kind, Zainab Chottani makes outfits that are glamorous. Aiming towards producing the best, her outfits definitely make you the show stopper of the wedding. The vast shades of color and designs make the bride look tremendously beautiful.

The colors of her outfits are unique. Being bold, she plays with pastel colors like baby pink, and subtle shades like ash grey. Embellished with Swarovski crystals, beads, dabka and naski work on the sleeves, and body of the dress makes it look ethereal.

It is one of the most popular designer brands of the country, and the choice for most celebrities.

Tena Durrani

If you are looking for a customized bridal outfit, the kind you would want and not only what the designer would make for you, Tena Durrani is the perfect choice for you. Tena has a category of designs, some are very budget friendly as well. Her wedding collection is considered to be very fine, which can definitely be seen in the pictures below.

Many follow her brand in Pakistan. Not just the celebrities but the general population as well. Her clothes have a touch that makes the bride look graceful and unique in her own way.


Although this brand is a little heavy on the pockets, it is the top brand of the country. Drooled over by many, it offers a range of wedding and formal outfits for women. These outfits comprise of wedding, bridal dresses, party dresses and pret collection. The fancy and intricate designs makes it the perfect choice for many brides.

Fahad Hussayn

The dresses designs made by Fahad Hussayn are worth the investment for all the brides out there. Keeping in mind the cultural norms, you can easily find a traditional bridal outfit at his boutique.

Maria B

Maria B also comes under the category of budget friendly designer outfits. It is the perfect stop for all those ladies who believe in spending appropriately instead of going crazy over their wedding dress. Maria B is also famous for her evening dresses and pret collection. Looking at her collection, one can easily make out that she loves playing with colors and comes up with designs that are funky and unique. Maybe a caftan top or a plain shirt with block printed trousers. the sarees from her yearly formal collection is what most women look forward to. Well, at least I know I do for sure!

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is the brand of the century when it comes to dresses designs in Pakistan. Loved by every woman out there, for their unique, colorful and funky designs. They have a bridal collection, a luxury pret collection and a pret collection, whatever everyone requires. Obviously if you are the bride then you would get something heavy and excessively formal but they have a range of clothing which can be easily worn as a formal evening wear as well. The luxury pret collection is basically what everyone looks forward to, for the unique and intricate deigns. Their yearly collections are budget friendly as well. If you want to be the Sana Safinaz “It Girl”, get your formal outfits made from them.

Timeless Dresses Designs That Never Go Out Of Fashion

The ever changing trends of fashion every season, makes it very tricky and clearly impossible to stay up to date. You cannot keep your wardrobe trendy without throwing away all the old and worn out clothing. In this crucial world of style, it is close to impossible when it comes to investing in the best dresses designs. In such a dilemma, the smartest way to look trendy all year round is to buy dresses and clothing that are timeless.

Any idea what it should be? Well owning the correct dresses designs is not just about looking chic, it also saves you a bunch of bucks. Moreover, makes you look flawless on a budget. Spending your money on a few good quality, timeless pieces that never run out of fashion is a win win situation for all.

Although there is an exception to that. Just do not toss your old clothes out in the trash, unless they are ripped and worn out of course. Because duh, a black skinny jeans will not make you as happy as your black caftan that would remind you of your vacation in the Bahamas. Despite the fact that it should not, it has the same worth as your black skinny jeans, which is a staple that can be worn forever. It remains constant even when the fashion trends change drastically.

Just like your best friend, these timeless staples see you through your good and bad days.

Pakistani Dress Designs that Never go out of Style

Obviously if you have ever invested in designer dresses, you would know what it is like to throw them out. It hurts your gut and you just want to keep wearing it. But, sometimes the style is not up to date and makes you look like a fashion disaster. To top it up, you can easily mix and match. Simply accessorize your evergreen and timeless dresses, and create a unique style of your own.


Essentially every woman needs to own a well tailored, white shirt. Depending on the weather and occasion, you can own a bunch. For instance a silk kurta for the parties and a cotton chicken kaari kurta for the day events. It can be either long or short, however you like it. Now, the trick of making it last for years is to pair it with a different pant every time. Pair it with a shalwar, or gharara pants to make it look ethnic, otherwise pair it with cigarette or bell bottom pants to make it look classy. be it casual or formal, you can flaunt it all the way, depending on how you choose to wear it.

Forever Black

Black is not just a color for the goth, it is for everyone who wants to look chic. One can never be over or under dressed in a black outfit, but do not wear all black. That is just a fashion disaster. Although black makes a statement, giving every outfit the perfection to flaunt it. It stays trendy all year round, and is always in fashion despite the season and weather. In short, black never fails to impress. Wear a black shirt with shalwar and add a pop of color using your dupatta or stole. Or if you want to give it a western look, wear a black shirt with flared pants and accessorize it with colored heels and bag.

Having a class of its own, this color makes women look slimmer than their actual body weight. The versatility of this color can enable you to wear it anywhere and everywhere. be it as a party outfit or a formal dress, with just a little bit of accessories.


A saree has always been and will always be one of the statement dresses designs of all time. Taking inspiration from our grand moms and moms, even young girls wear sarees these days. You have probably spotted your favorite celebrity draped around a gorgeous silk saree as well. The elegance and chicness it depicts makes it worth the investment. Sarees never run out of fashion. You can buy a pair of elegant silk saree and wrap it around differently every time and look trendy.

Although the saree itself has not revolutionized a lot, the blouse designs have changed various number of times. Over the years it has been worn like a cape style, to a choli (cropped) blouse and anywhere else you imagination can take you. Just like how these days, women wrap a saree around their pants as well, instead of a petticoat, giving it a modern yet ethnic look.

Shalwar Kameez

Whether it is the twentieth century or the twenty first, a typical shalwar kameez never goes out of style. Be it a formal one or a casual one for the summers, everyone loves going all traditional in a shalwar and a kameez once in a while. Depending on the occasion, it can be paired with traditional jewelry and khussas. Wear it with or without a dupatta, depending on the trend.

Designer Dresses

We all have invested in an expensive designer dress if not multiple times then once for sure. The amount of money spent on it prevents most of us from giving it away or throwing it out. We just want to keep it forever, despite the changing fashion trends. Well, one can never go wrong with a designer outfit, no matter what the style. Keep it handy for those formal weddings and parties, because trust me… They will all love it and you will be the show stopper of the event.

Here are a few designer dresses that never go out of style!

Dresses Designs

The catch of wearing dresses that remain trendy throughout is to keep mixing up the styles. Make sure that all the designs that have been mentioned are a part of your wardrobe, so you look trendy and chic always!