Pakistani Fancy Dresses for Weddings

When it comes to Pakistani fancy dresses for weddings and the attire of a bride and groom, there have been drastic changes made. Compared to the past, to date. Several new styles have been incorporated, revitalizing fashion and keeping the roots of culture and tradition alive at the same time.

The Pakistan fashion industry has emerged greatly during the last decade, providing a range of tremendously fashionable and drool worthy clothing line for brides and grooms.

The industry is proud of their talented designers, because without them, fashion would have not been the same as it is now. It would have been boring, dry and we would have been living with the same cliche styles that were worn by the people of the stone age. Some of the very famous designers, loved by every woman include, Asim Jofa, Deepak Parwani, Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY), Maria B, Reet, Nomi Ansari, Zara Ahmad and Adnan Pardesi.

Since a few years, the trend of wearing shirts that are tremendously long and dresses have created a chaotic buzz in the country. Before this, the Pakistani fancy dresses for weddings revolved around the same old short shirts and shararas, or the traditional lehanga as far as wedding dresses for girls were concerned.

Wedding Dresses in Pakistan


Both the Pakistani bridal wear which comes in the category of formal and the casual wear, which includes the lawn and cotton collections have revamped. The styles are chic, trendy and simply eye catching when it comes to the designs and prints of the clothes.

A lot of fashion designers have now started featuring their own bridal dresses, which includes the traditional lehanaga, sharara, and gharara. Along with the Pakistani maxi dresses for weddings, basically the ankle length gowns and frocks, inspired by the western wear tradition and other kinds of formal clothing.

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The eminent fashion designers of Pakistan have featured a bunch of designer dresses for weddings, which are elegant, and classical. Embellished long shirts, with embroidery on the sleeves, neck, borders, and sometimes the entire outfit, with a hem line. Incorporating different additions that increase the beauty of the dresses even more. Let us not forget the ornaments, which gives the outfits a look that is elegant and trendy at the same time.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistan comes under the list of those Asian countries, where weddings are a big deal. It is one of the biggest occasions celebrated among the people of the country, which most people even look forward to. Particularly for the bride, it is one of the most important events of her life, the day she gets to take a vow to spend the rest of her life with her significant other. Her outfit, attire, and accessories come next in line, being the second most important. After the groom of course!

Before hand preparations are a must when it comes to a wedding in Pakistan, as it is one of the most memorable days in a woman’s life. Something that she would look back to for the rest of her life and cherish the memories.

The wedding attire, the accessories which include the jewels, shoes, and much more, cannot be anything less than perfect. And of course, her makeover. That is another very important thing considering a wedding in Pakistan.  For this very reason, designers have a wide range of outfits to choose from, and if that does not workout for anyone, they make custom dresses according to a person’s likes and dislikes. Keeping in mind every detail specified by the bride, and obviously the designers give in their own expert opinions as well to the bride to be!

Wedding Dresses Pakistan 2018

Bridal jewelry is of immense importance when it comes to weddings in Pakistan. It is so important that mothers actually save up for it since the day their daughter opens her eyes into this world. It means a big deal to most.

But as the time is evolving, this trend of jewelry is also changing to artificial ornaments or maybe even no jewelry at all. The clothes these days are so heavily embroidered that a light pair of earrings or maybe a small pendant set does not look bad on the bride. Generally, people do not mind switching to it.

The jewelry industry is also catching up the pace in Pakistan. There are many new designers who make gorgeous and beautiful jewels, specifically for the brides. Offering designs that are intricate, and pieces that look better than the traditional ones.

Accessories and Much More!

Pakistani fancy dresses for weddings are incomplete without accessories.

Bangles that add a touch of elegance, brooches for the scarves and hair, rings and chandelier earrings, are something that a bride is incomplete without. More like under dresses, talking about the norms and cultures of the society.

Moreover, some women even wear wedding tiaras. But that is very rare, because it is more of a western culture than eastern.

Pakistani Bridal Wear

Mehendi ceremonies are also a part of the big fat Pakistani weddings. The dholkis and mehendis are as important as the main event, and the bride mostly wears colors like green, yellow and orange!

Designers make outfits which comprise of kaamdani, jamawar and gota, along with dabka, patch work and stones made out of crystal. Zari and Kundan are also used.

In short, the Pakistani wedding traditions are huge and never ending. It is full of experiences and fun. Every moment is worth the hype.

Mehndi Dresses by Pakistani Designers

Mehendis and Mayoons are considered the most exciting events when it comes to Pakistani wedding ceremonies. It involves a lot of interesting acts, starting from applying mehendi, to singing songs and dancing all night long. While the bride sits patiently watching and being a part of everything prepared by her friends and family.

You are all prepared to get into the new phase of your life, be it arranged or what you wanted. Every bride is always eager and excited when it comes to her wedding. Surely making her go through every possible detail, striving hard to make everything be perfect. But, the unfortunate part here is that most girls end up getting the last seat because of their outfit. It just does not look right, making the entire event a disaster. After all, the portraits in those outfits last forever, and nobody wants to cringe over their ugly pictures in future.

There are different kind of ceremonies, big and small. Either inside the house or at a banquet. No matter where it takes place, it is very special for every single bride to be. Capturing all the auspicious moments into everlasting photographs. Being the center of everyone’s attention, you would want to definitely look your very best.

Pakistani Dress Designs

Though several changes have been made and new trend are adapted over the centuries, the ceremony itself is the same. The traditions and cultures still remain how they were several years back. Different designs and prints have been incorporated. But the idea of the patterns and styles still remains the same. Even today you would come across a mehendi bride wearing ethnic mehendi dresses by Pakistani designers. The same old ghararas, and lehangas with a twist of the modern world trends, giving the bride a cultural yet classy look.

The ceremony involves more than just one day, and the thing that matters the most is the bride’s comfort. The kind of outfit she is getting made, because nobody wants to ruin their very expensive mehendi outfit with mehendi smudges. Here are a few trendy mehendi dresses by Pakistani dress designers that a bride can opt for, for her special occasion.

Choose to wear bright and bold colors!

All ceremonies in Pakistan are fun, and happening. Also very colorful. So being the bride, it is necessary for you to wear something that is similar to the ambiance of the event. That is bright and colorful. Wear shades of dark green, yellow, and anything that is bold in different styles. There are plenty of colors to select from, so do not just stick yourself to the tacky old, traditional shades, or even a single color to be precise. You can go for different combinations as well, or maybe some pastel colors. You can come up with something very attractive by mixing up two different pastel colors. For instance lilac and pink. Just follow one tip and you would look the best. That it is your event and everything that you want to do matters, so do whatever you think would look best on you.

It is the most important day of your life, you are getting married! It does not happen every year like your birthday! And wanting it to be grand is nothing harmful. The new phase of your life should be celebrated in the best way possible. Although orange and yellow with shades of green are the traditional colors, they can always be mixed and matched with contrasting shades. These shades would definitely make you look unique in the pictures.

Some people are not a big fan of dark and bright shades, so they can always choose lighter shades like baby pink, mauve, light yellow etc. Just make sure of the fact that whatever colors you choose, compliment each other. In fact, combinations can enhance the entire outfit’s appearance, uplifting your attire.

Choose carefully!

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First thing comes first while choosing your outfit, which is the level of your comfort. Obviously keeping the latest trends and style factors in mind. Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez are preferred the most. Being the perfect alternative to ghararas and lehangas, which are more towards the traditional side. Playing with embroidery should be your motto, nothing is ever too much when you are the bride. But, if you want to avoid getting your clothes stained, go simple with embroidery just on the hem line.

Moreover, if you plan on going all modern, wear a skirt with blouse. You can pair it up with an embroidered jacket or keep it simple without any. You will surely steal the limelight in such an outfit.


Never compromise on the accessories. Whether the event is big or small, wear some jewelry. Be it just earrings. But make sure it syncs with what you wear. You can go bold with gold, but save the diamonds for your main event. Otherwise you can always wear floral jewels if you choose to look subtle yet dressy. They look tremendously gorgeous.

No-Makeup Look!

Do not plan on going bear faced either. That looks awful. Make sure you wear some makeup, be it just mascara and blush with a light shade of lip stick. Or if you love to look natural, go with the ever popular no makeup look!


Pakistani Designer Dress: Spotting Celebrities in Gharara Pants

Pakistani fashion evolves every other day, and comes up with the latest Pakistani designer dress. The targeted innovation are the shirts mostly. Then comes the pants, shalwars and trousers. They are also the center of innovation when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

In those trends, gharara pants, a Pakistani design dress is the most inn, and famous attire. It gives a look that is refreshing, cultural and attractive at the same time. It contrasts the typical pants that are mostly worn, and completely opposite of the most loved leggings. Paired with shirts that are short in length, these gharara pants look beautiful. Especially when we talk about events that require a formal and festive dressing.

Getting rid of all those tulip pants trends, this is the must have in town. Last Eid was all about the tulip pants, which looked very cool during the summers as well. Later moving on to gharara pants, which lead to several designers coming up with this trend, adding a contemporary twist to the designs of the traditional ghrara pants.

Here are a few trendy gharara pants designs that have been worn by most of our favorite celebrities as well. They provide an unmatched grace and ethnicity.

Pakistani Dress Designs

What is a gharara pant?

The gharara pant is a wide legged trouser, pleated towards the knee into a design or has a lace stitched on it. Although the traditional gharara pants are mostly reserved for occasions that are formal, specifically brides, the new trends enables women to wear them all year round. Be it a formal or a casual occasion, interchanging the fabric. They work with both formal and semi formal tunics, shirts and tops. It is not wide from all angles likes the traditional gharara. Instead it is very sleek towards the thigh area, just like a bell bottom pant. with pleats that are more refined and silhouettes that are more lean. The ruched knee design is usually accentuated by the use of lace, providing an extra fit to the pants. The longer they are, the better. If your gharara pant ain’t dragging on the floor, then it is not the trendiest!

Ayeza Khan in Faiza Saqlain

The first on our list is the ever gorgeous Ayeza Khan. Faiza Saqlain really knows how to make drool worthy clothing. Her all white outfit adds charm and grace to the attire. And the matching one that her daughter is wearing, is the cutest thing ever. Since she wore it for a traditional event, she has her dupatta wrapped around the head. But in case you do not want to do that, you can skip that part. Keeping it simple, she is wearing silver chandelier earrings with her clothes. She looks super stunning no doubt! Well, she is beautiful inside out otherwise as well, and a fit as ever mom of two adorable kids. An inspiration for most of the women of Pakistan!

Aiman Khan in Zahra Ahmad

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One of the adorable twins, Aiman Khan made quite an impression wearing these gharara pants. If you look closely, her gharara pants are dragging on the floor, basically trendy AF! She looks ethereal in this outfit. Especially the pink color, with a gold and white cotton gharara block printed, that makes her look even better. The design of the dress is what Maria B does best, providing class and elegance that cannot be matched.

Minal Khan in Rang Ja

upping her game, the other twin, Minal Khan is wearing a traditional gharara pant from Rang Ja. Adding color to her white clothes, with just a little bit of multi colored lace. The length of her shirt is short, with beige emroidery, which adds elegance and class to her outfit. The matching tones for the shirt and pants adds a touch of glamour and much more to her outfit.

Urwa Hocane in Mohsin Naveed Ranjha


Urwa Hocane, farhan Saeed’s wife, can wear a gharara everywhere and anywhere. The elder sister of the Hocane family knows how to carry herself in this traditional yet classy outfit. Her choice of gharara pants and shirts looks ethereal, and the credit definitely goes to all her designers who make the Pakistani designer dress.

Dress Design Ideas: What to Wear to a Brunch?

Brunches are very popular these days in the big cities of Pakistan. It is an opportunity for women and men to relax and spend some quality time with their friends and families. And coming up with the perfect dress design ideas can be a bit of a conundrum for many. Generally most people prefer wearing something casual for a brunch but when the event calls for something formal, the combination needs to be perfect. It should be exactly what the event is asking for. So what should you be wearing to a brunch? What shoes should you be wearing to a brunch?

Whether it is a brunch with your girlfriends over paratha and halwa, or a brunch date with a freshly baked croissant, putting together the perfect chic outfit makes it just a little more tasty. Bold prints, and floral prints during the day time with heels, and accessories that you cannot get your eyes off. they are all a part of the list. With everything that is required for you to look stylish and chic at the event.

Brunching under the Sun

Since the weather in Pakistan is usually warmer, one of the most loved activities by many is sitting outside during noon and having brunch. Be it just a cafe to save the cooking time or somebody’s lawn, they all are equally fun to be a part of. Although deciding what to wear can be a very tough thing, it depends mainly on the people or person you are having the brunch with. If it is a gathering with your old pals, prefer wearing something that is cool and comfortable. But… If you are eating with your in laws, you really need to look your best. sophisticated and polished. After all, you do not want them to brag about your awful attire in front of the entire family, especially your parents. Keeping the typical issues of the typical desi families aside, here are a few brunch outfits that can be worn during the spring and summer.

Mixing up different styles and cultures!

Since everything is all about our cultural norms and values, we would start off with a Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez, incorporated into the latest western trends. Wearing an off the shoulder kameez helps you in exposing your skin in a manner that is sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Pair it up with trousers, either loose and baggy pants or cigarette pants. Whatever style you prefer best. Accessories add structure to your look that might be slouchy in some ways. Maybe like a mini clutch and block heels. Depending on the venue, you can always change the style of your shoes. Obviously if the brunch is at someone’s lawn, wear flats or block heels. After all you do not want your pencil heels to sink into the grass every time you walk! And if it is at a restaurant, you are free to choose either one!

Keep it casual!

Going to a Sunday brunch with your old friends? A girls day out? Keep your look laid back into something very casual like a pair of jeans and top. There are many options available when it comes to wearing jeans. You can wear a ruffled top with flared jeans, tucked in with a belt and mules. Or you can wear a plain white t-shirt with skinny jeans, looking comfortable and classy at the same time. Mix up different prints and have fun. For instance, carry one of those Kate Spade bee shaped bags or one of your polka dot clutches. A sandal that is sleek and ties around your ankle makes it even better, and wandering around with your girls even better.

Do not give them a reason to despise your choices!

You need to be very careful about what you wear, in case you are meeting your beloved in laws for brunch. Although your husband might have a sweet tooth and compliment you in whatever you wear, you in laws will not. Accepting the harsh realities of life, they are very picky when it comes to their daughter in laws dress design ideas. Meeting them can make you nervous at times, but some of the Pakistani dress designs can really do the job for you.

Wear something sophisticated when you are meeting them. Like a floral printed dress, which is proper and pretty. Or impress them by wearing a cigarette pant with straight cut knee length shirt, which gives a formal based cultural look. That would definitely increase your status because they would say, you are brought up being taught about the cultural norms and trends. Do not pick out the funky prints and styles, instead go with something sober and subtle. Pastel colors look amazing as well. Wear playful heels that would accentuate your outfit and the varying patterns of your dress. While carrying a simple cross body purse, or a small clutch.

Them wedding and formal brunches!

Skirts are an ideal outfit for a wedding or formal brunch, or a cocktail dress because it is always meant to be something semi formal. In case you do not know what we mean by a formal brunch- it is either a charity brunch, or a celebrity brunch etc. Basically the kind where you get to meet bug personalities. Wearing dress pants is too much, so wear cropped hem pants or flared pants with a basic top, if you want to look more business casual dressed!

Ladies’ Dresses Designs: Dos and Don’ts of Modern Fashion

Let’s face it, no matter how much effort we put in, and no matter how much we try, we cannot be hundred percent perfect when it comes to ladies dresses designs. No matter how long we exercise, workout. Or sit on the prayer mats begging the lord for a miracle. We are not born shaped like a super model. Some of us are even short and curvy, considering the typical physique of most Pakistani women. But that should not be a pause to our love for fashion, and designer dresses. We are all beautiful and gorgeous in our own ways, regardless of our physical appearances, despite lacking height or any other counterparts of our bodies.

That being mentioned, there are a tons of tips for women, when it comes to fashion. Depending on your body shape and maximum stature.

The main reason behind coming up with such a controversial topic was because the terrible fashion disasters are no less than a nightmare for many. It can be haunting. Worth a cringe as well. Like recently I encountered a woman wearing formal, sequined clothes at a brunch during the hot scorching weather. How awful can life be? Not worst than the choice of outfits some people have for sure!

Dos and Don’ts of Fashion

Whoever said that an outfit can either break or make a woman was right. Ladies dresses designs depict their personality and if their choice is not right, be it a designer dress, she can look like a total fashion disaster.It is not a very hard thing to be fashion forward and trendy. Just a few tricks and you will get there. Here are a few of my personal favorite fashion tips that are a must read. Taken from different stylists and fashion nazis, they are worthy of applying.

Wear Your Colored Clothes

Whenever you go to a party, you prefer wearing your black dress that you bought from one of your favorite stores. But is black the only color that makes a person look dressed up? Well, that is one of the misconceptions most ladies have. They think if they wear any other shade of clothing, they will look less trendy and not up to date. Come on! This is the twenty first century, not the sixties! Wear any color and every color no matter where you are going. If yellow makes you happy, wear yellow! Just because it is the same shade as the public taxi, do not stop yourself from wearing it. For night events you can also wear white, because that is definitely not just a color for the day.

Embrace the Classic Black and White Prints

What is black with a shade of white? Chic all over! The latest designer’s dresses on the runway sent down some monochromatic black and white prints this season. Whether it is just in the form of printed black and white pants or a shirt, they look super trendy and fashionable. Although the smaller the prints are, the more flattering they appear to the naked eye. Do not be scared to expose some skin on your legs by wearing flared cropped pants in that print or a sleeveless shirt, and effortlessly break up the print.

Heels are Amazing

It is always a good idea to wear heels. Though they were probably invented by the sadist men who had an idea of making their women look taller than them at events. Probably their eager wanted to reach up higher than the actual levels. Well, at least that is what the myths talk about.

But, the fact that women should wear heels is good. An inch or two in your heel would help you elongate your legs, makes the calves appear stretched or maybe even accentuate the muscles of the calf. Now that most of the local brands have started making classy and chic heels, you do not even have to worry about where to by them. But if you are not into spending a lot of money on your heels, you can get one or maybe two neutral colored heels. The neutral colored heels look good in either black or mauve( what most people depict as skin color). And… Always keep an aye for the sales and stock them up!

Dress According to your Physique

Okay….. We all say that everyone has a life of their own and they should do whatever makes them happy. But sometimes that statement can be contradicted. After all, one cannot always be right. Right? If you have a curvy and fat physique, avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy! Do not opt for the flared pants and bell sleeves. That would just make you look fatter than usual. Avoid wearing skin tight clothes as well. You obviously do not want your clothes to look like they would rip any minute.

Being skinny does not mean that you can wear whatever you want either. Well there are some perks but not always! Avoid wearing fitted clothes if you are close to being anorexic. That would just make you look ill. Leave a little space between yourself and your clothes. Considering the ladies dresses designs, there is a design for every physique, height and weight. You should have no trouble finding the perfect outfit.

Do Not Contrast Similar Colors

So for instance, if you are wearing a Pakistani dress design in blue, you do not have to wear the same colored shoes and accessories. Wear some contrasting color like beige or shocking pink. White does not simply mean everything white and the same goes for black and every other shade. If you have a red outfit and slightly orange red shoes, do yourself a favor by not wearing the two together. A slight difference between the same shade looks the worst!


New Dress Designs: Summer Essential Maxi Dresses

When it comes to summer essentials and new dress designs, maxi dresses top all the lists. Depicting feminism, style and a casual look, they are comfortable and elegant at the same time. The designs are versatile and unique, which enable them to be worn to evening gatherings, beach parties, occasions that are dressy. They can even be worn to something as casual as a visit to the mall with your friends, or just a sudden dinner with your other half.

Maxi dresses come in tremendous number of styles, which can be worn according to the occasions. Be it somethings as casual as a picnic or as formal as a wedding, depending on every ones personal liking. The gorgeous styles are classy and chic. Definitely worth the investment.

Ankle length, long dresses can be utilized during the summers and the winters. But considering the scorching hot weather of the country, it looks a lot better during the summers. Although, it looks equally elegant during the winters as well, all you have to do is change the fabric and make it more covering. For instance, instead of a cold shoulder dress, get a full sleeves boat neck maxi dress made. The colors are also changed accordingly. opt for subtle and pastel colors for the summers, like light blue, pink, and beige. Where as for the winters, go with colors that are darker, such as black, dark blue etc! And obviously a thicker material.

How to style a maxi dress?

Considering the new dress designs, there are several way in which a maxi dress can be worn. The style depends mainly on what your physique is. Whether fat or skinny, tall or short, it all depends on the suitability. Some styles look good on some while pathetic on others, so make sure you try it on before buying. Obviously, along with dress designs come tricks that can make them look better on anyone. Maybe adding a pair of heels and popping some accessories, can make a not so alluring dress look perfect. But, once again, picking out the right dress in the first place will prevent you from all the extra work and effort. probably even save time?

As for the styling is concerned, you can change the style of the dress by wearing it with different types of accessories and jewels. For example, you own a plain black chiffon maxi dress, how would you style it every time? Well, wear big chunky earrings and necklaces if it is for a party. if it is for something just as simple as a lunch with your friends, then eliminate all the accessories and carry a lather satchel or purse with it. Maybe even wear sneakers instead of the high heels. It is all up to what you want, dress it up with beads, or dress it down with a denim jacket. Everything is about what you want!

Casual Maxi Dresses

Divas prefer keeping their maxi dresses simple during the season, and obviously as long as their legs. If you are a woman of fun and prefer funky designs, along with feel that depicts feminism, a maxi dress is your style to go with. Take inspiration from the very simple styles that have been mentioned below if you want casual maxi dresses. Aim towards getting colors that are lively and patterns that are eye catching, that give an appealing edginess to the silhouettes.

You can always opt for cotton or denim blazers. But in cities that are not that warm. Dress it up or down, it will look elegant and chic.

Fit and Flare Dress

A fit and flare maxi dress comes under the category of a new dress design. Every girl out there loves the style of this kind of a maxi dress, and it is a perfect attire when it comes to casual parties and events. By casual parties we mean your best friends bridal shower, or your birthday party. Since most of these events are themed outside in parks and backyards, wearing something formal would look awful. In that case, dresses are the best option. Especially maxi dresses.

Midi Dress

A midi dress comes under the category of long dresses but it is not as long as a maxi dress. The length of a midi dress is usually mid thigh if you are tall and a little below that if you are short. Well, on an honest note, a midi dress looks good on taller women, because it enhances their long legs. A midi dress would be a perfect attire for the beach. Casual and simple. It will also prevent your clothes from getting wet if you decide to take a walk near the shores.

Formal Maxi Dresses

With everything casual comes something formal as well. Like your best friends engagement or your own wedding. That is when you definitely cannot work with a casual maxi dress. It would make you look awful. Even the accessories would not help in that case. Here are a few formal maxi Pakistani dress designs that can be worn at weddings and night parties.

Here are a few dresses that can be worn formally at weddings. These dresses not only make you look gorgeous but they also give you a drool worthy appearance. Making you the center of attraction at the event.

Embroidered Maxi Dress

A maxi dress based on net or silk with embroidery all over it would be a perfect bridal attire. It can either be thread work, or sequence, they all look ever trendy and gorgeous. We have compiled some of the drool worthy designs below.