Pakistani Dress Designs 2018 in Pictures

Pakistan dress designs are tremendous. Meaning if you would sit down looking for clothing, it would probably take you tons of years to get something. The reason why we are saying that is because Pakistani dresses designs are so good, it is hard to resist buying all of them. So, you end up picking out the best, which is a dilemma, because they all are better than the rest!

Since we know you all are always eager to find out about the latest trends and fashion, we have piled up all the Pakistani dress designs 2018, so you can take a look at them! Well, at least most of them that are up and trendy.

Dress Designs 2018

Starting from casual wear, to lawn, to evening wear, to bridal wear. You can see them all, and take some inspiration for your next dress!

These subtle shades and light material are a definite, must have for the summer semi formals!

Pret Collection!

Aren’t these outfits just so amazing? Surely you would love to wear these to your next tea party, or maybe meeting at work?

Summer Lawn!

All these one piece clothes, and full suits are meant to be worn during the summers as your daily wear outfit. Be it to work, or a casual day out running errands what so ever.

Bridal Dresses!

Here are a few astonishing bridal wears that you can drool over!


Dress Design for Ladies- Farah Talib Aziz

Farah Talib Aziz, a well known fashion designer of Pakistan. She is known for her gorgeous Pakistani dress designs, which include formal wear, pret collection and even night suits. yes, you heard that right, she has a range of sleep wears as well. We would discuss that as you read further, so do not switch the tab! Her work depicts, effeminate opulence, feminism and a touch of class. The outfits revolve around embroidery that is creative and motifs that give the clothing its charm.

The fabrics that are chosen for her clothing line are top notch. The woven designs comprise of jacquard, along with lawn which gives an additional element to the clothes. Especially the lawn suits. Complementing the clothes further with three dimensional embroidery, thread work, and cuts made up of organza. Surely these descriptions make us eager to look at her collection and maybe even buy a few right away.

We were not really kidding about the sleep wear!

Ladies Dresses Design

The philosophy behind her clothing line is magnificent. Unique designs that depict femininity, draped in cloth made by expert artisans. While keeping in mind the maintenance of elegance and sophistication. Her audience too believes in stunning and intricate designs, cherishing legacies since decades. Hence they choose to wear her outfits formally and casually.

The lawn collection by Farah is availabe nationwide in stores, for women to easily go and buy them. Celebrating different occasions in her collections, here are a few of them that you will love!

Luxe Pret

The luxe pret collection consists of soft and subtle colors that are perfect for the summers. Day events and even evening events out in the Sun. These pastel shades of pink, blues and lilac make it an essential outfit for the hot scorching weather of our country. A variety of collection has been launched. In order to make your summer and spring festivities special, making you the center of attraction at events.

The collection is long lasting, which means the designs are timeless. They would probably last you for years, and the money spent on the outfits would be worth it. Making you stand out among the crowds, you can wear these ladies dresses design at social gatherings, like Eid lunches, brunches and much more.

The designs are traditional, consisting of pants and trousers, which give a modern touch. She has pants that incorporate block prints, which makes her one of the few who have gotten out of the tulip shalwar, and flared pant trends. Statement earrings, and accessorizing would make these outfits shine out even more.


These separates are perfect for the modern day girl, who wants to play with colors and always try out something new. These can be worn to office brunches, when you are hanging out with your girls, kitty parties and much more. Maybe even wear them to evening hi-teas. The benefit of getting these is that you can pair it with anything. You can either pair these printed floral shirts with the same kind of pants as the designer, or maybe try out something new. After all, we all have a fashion designer hidden beneath us somewhere. Wearing it with jeans or leggings would give it a semi formal, or casual look! That might work very well for your day events!


Farah Talib Aziz’s collection has a touch of class and chicness like never before. Her modern pieces of silk clothing depict the fact that colors make a women look classy. Modern prints and styles, which are a must have. Also, everyone in this world loves silk clothing! They are so soft and easily manageable that you cannot miss buying one! Just like the lawn and summer fabrics, silk is cool and perfect for the weather.

Wedding/Bridal Wear

If there is any such thing like a fairy tale wedding, then a bride can definitely feel like one wearing a Farah Talib Aziz bridal outfit. The intricate designs and colors make the outfits what they are! They depict personality, class and style. Women who choose to wear her outfits are probably the lucky few! Well, considering the country’s economy, not everyone prefers buying such expensive clothing, which is obviously worth the money. Oh well, keeping the economical problems of the world aside, her bridal wear is worth dying for! Not literally, figuratively. Here are a few dresses designs images that you can take inspiration for, for your next wedding events! Be it a nikkah, mehendi, or valima, there is an outfit too choose for every function.

Fashion Designer Dress: Deepak Perwani VS Nomi Ansari

The fashion world consists of a number of designers, whose work is exemplary. During the past few years, we have achieved what no one probably expected. The fashion designer dress of Pakistan portrays the woman of the country, signifying her style and fashion.

Deepak Perwani

Being on top of the glory when it comes to the fashion designer dress, and the fashion world Pakistan. The industry of fashion is shining bright like a diamond. These hardworking people, have devoted their talent to the field of fashion. They play a very important role in the success of the fashion world in Pakistan. They work with full effort and dedication. It is them who have accomplished so much in making Pakistan among the top few countries in fashion.

Among these hard working individuals, come the models without whom there would be no portrayal of the designs. And, most importantly the designers. They are the ones who make life easy, by coming up with amazing styles and outfits.

All the fashion designers who are working to promote the industry of fashion in Pakistan and around the world, Deepak Perwani is one of them. Born in the province of Sindh, belonging to the Hindu community of Pakistan. He is famous for his men’s clothing line, designer dresses in Pakistan, and dresses designs for women. These fashion design dresses include, his pret- basically semi formal collection, formal collection and bridal wear. He is also famous for being one of the very few fashion designers in the country, who promote men’s fashion and designs.

Here are a few of his spectacular designs that are worth drooling over!

Formal Wear!

These outfits can be worn at both weddings and formal events!

Pret Wear!

Going out to a semi formal event? Cannot decide what to wear? These dress designs would be perfect for every such occassion.



Deepak Perwani owns a boutique of his own, where women can go and pick out dresses of their choice. Representing confidence and power, his statement pieces are a work of intricate designs and prints. The signature collection that he has offered, proves to be among the best in the country.

He has participated in shows within the country, such as the LUX style awards, The Indus Style Awards. Along with that, his work has also been presented in the international fashion world.

Nomi Ansari

It must be admitted that the fashion designers in Pakistan and the models of the industry play a key role. When it comes to getting the fashion industry of the country to shine above the rest. Nomi Ansari, is another shining star in the industry of fashion. His work is exemplary and worth investing into. He is one of the people who has played the role of being the high achievers of the country, and in getting the fashion industry to the top.

He does not need any introduction to define who he is, because everyone definitely must know everything about this tremendous designer. He has been a part of the fashion world since forever. Studied from a Fashion School in Pakistan, he dedicated his talent to his country. Designing classical and traditional outfits for the women, his clothes are worn by everyone. Starting from famous celebrities to the women of the business world, to the house wife, everyone has witnessed wearing his designer dresses.

Here are a few of his designs that you would love!

Formal Wear!

These heavily embroidered dresses are perfect for your traditional weddings!

Pret Wear!

Incorporation of modern and eastern touches together. These dresses can be worn day and night, to every semi formal, lunch, dinner or party!

His collection includes different varieties of dresses, such as sarees, formal wear, pret wear and so on. His collection depicts an incorporation of both, the western and eastern designs, with a touch of modernism. The best example of that is his party wear. The outstanding gowns, and tops, make it worth the while. He runs by the philosophy of making designs that are standardized. He believes in equality and uniformity when we talk about the world of fashion. His clients are extremely impressed by his work, for his outfits are comfortable and classy at the same time.

Daily Wear Dress Design 2018 in Pakistan

Have you ever just made a promise to yourself that you will rise early, but the most you achieve is ten alarms snoozing. Stumbling out of the bed during the twelfth hour, only to be rushing! Well, in such situations, we literally feel you. Waking up early every day can be a little hardcore, but not as much as dressing up during such hectic mornings. Everything seems to be out of place. You question yourself multiple time- Was I crazy? Why did I even invest in such a hideous shirt? Or, why is this pant so long? You have clothes all over the place, your bed, the floor, the sofa, and you are just a few seconds away from passing out and pretending to be sick. ” I cannot look like a fashion diva today certainly, sorry!”

Instead of giving up on everything and losing all hope, you just need a little direction for things to be perfectly in place. The main idea is to not overthink. All you have to do is look beneath your soul, and find your inner model. The one who cannot stand looking backward when it comes to fashion. Chanel your style and opt for basic dress design 2018 in Pakistan, coming up with a statement piece of your own.

Keep on reading. Find out about the most trendy and drool worthy dress design 2018 in Pakistan, which you can incorporate in your daily wear wardrobe.Get to know what most of the Pakistani designers and bloggers have to say about how it is done. Just remember, it is all simple and fun!

Daily Dresses Designs in Pakistan

The fashion style in Pakistan is reaching its peaks now a days, with tons of styles and trends to follow. The youngsters are developing interest in styling and designing their own outfits. Giving their attire a personal touch of their own. Well, whatever it is, these styles definitely define every individual’s taste in fashion and clothing. Focusing mainly on the style, along with the orientation, expresses ones sense of dressing and the entire look to be precise. Daily fashion trends are usually confused with the studio fashion. In fact they are the street fashion trends, emerging by the day.

Many urban areas are known for their fashionable street styles. But the Pakistan street style is usually associated with the young generation girls, and more or less the women as well. Everyone simply loves to follow the latest fashion trends! To all those girls who are sick of wearing the same old mainstream outfits and want to try out something new. It is about time that they start getting inspiration from all the new styles and trends of the dress design 2018 in Pakistan.

Here are a few styles and tips that depict the modern street styles, daily wear outfits that can be worn by the ordinary girl as well. Not just celebrities! After all, who else would one take inspirations form? The celebrities and the Pakistani designer dresses of course!

Daily wear fashion tips worth following!

Accessorize the classic outfits!

Do not just go on wearing your regular everyday out fit without accessories, just because it is not formal! Give your everyday attire some detailing by accessorizing. Update one of your classic outfits with a matching bag, instead of the one you probably use everyday. Add colors to your wardrobe! It compliments your style.

Fashion is incomplete without accessories. Get all the hats, rings, sunglasses and jewels for yourself to match and wear everyday! Trust yourself that it is these things that define a woman, and give her the classiness she requires.

What looks best with skinny jeans?

Wear your high waist ultra skinny, skinny jeans with those Sapphire, and Khaadi Kurtis of yours. A long and breezy peplum from the summer collection of Generation would also do the job for you.

Pair it up with sandals of your choice, or maybe a nice pair of Khussas, from Junaid Jamshed would do the trick as well.


Make sure your belt matches your shoes!

If you are wearing a tucked in shirt, make sure you wear a belt with it. And that it matches your shoes. The biggest fashion rejects are those people, who wear a black belt with brown shoes. Surely, no one ever taught them fashion. Loafers and Mules look perfect for everyday fashion.

All about the shoes!

When it comes to daily wear shoes, you want to wear something that you can work in for the whole day. Not everyone can walk in those six inch high heels at the market or their office everyday. Heels that are low, and flats with embellishments work very well as daily wear shoes. If you are fun loving and want to try out something cool, why not wear the sneakers from Sana Safinaz! They look great with both western and eastern wear clothing!

Fashion can either improve your style or ruin it. It really matters a lot, when it comes to depicting your personality. The way you dress, the way you walk and the way you talk makes up most of your impression. You can either look classy, or like a total fashion reject. The choice is all yours!



Pakistani Dress Design: Shalwar Kameez in Style

Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez is one of the most loved outfit. its classy appearance, appealing silhouettes are what makes it among the top. In fact some people find it so drool worthy that they find reasons to dress in their cultural shalwar kameez at events, to kick the styles. The impression depicted by these outfits is extremely great and worth the hype.

Not so many people are aware of the history of shalwar kameez, but those who are know that it has been in style since centuries. It is not the modern day attire that just gained popularity, instead it has a history to ponder over. Making designers using it as an inspiration to create timeless pieces that have the roots of Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez. However, to some extent, it is not just historical, it is rich as well. However, not many are sure where the tradition of shalwar kameez began from, some say that it was brought up during the Mughal empire, by the people of that time. Basically something that the rulers of that time admired.

Although the Mughal reign was suspicious in the Indian subcontinent, it is no shock that the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan wear it even today. Since these countries were also made by the migrants of those regions, adapting to new trends and keeping the old trends of the left countries alive. People of Pakistan, choice fully wear Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez, and it is also the traditional, cultural dress of the country with minor changes made according to each province.

The fact that makes Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez great is that it depicts prominence. It gives individuals to dress simple and look classy at the same time. The attire is such that it gives you a look that is ethnic, and cultural. We are sure that these modern styles of shalwar kameez designs for women would improve the charm and look of the clothing, making it a reason to expand your looks.

Black and White

Black and White are the two shades that literally never go out of style. Worn by most women during the day events and night events both. The color black signifies boldness, and depicts a strong personality, whereas the shades of white are subtle and give you a traditional, classy look. Just like this black and white Kurta by UY collection, which can be worn both casually and semi formally. The intricate embroidery, gives it a drool worthy, ethereal look.

When it comes to pairing this statement piece, a plain black trouser, and dupatta can give it an everlasting beauty. Some women do not like all black, but giving this an all black shot would be worth it, for the white pants would not give it that exciting of a look than the black.

This black and white, co-ord by Sana Safinaz can be your to go outfit for those evening teas, and dinner parties. The matching prints give the typical Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez a modern look. The flared pants and short tunic, makes in ideal for the girls of this modern era, who want to try out new things every day. The material, which is somewhat satin, or silk, makes it perfect for those cocktail parties as well. Well, you can always wear your regular cocktail dresses, but you can also try out something new by dressing up traditional, incorporating a touch of modernism, westernization or whatever you want to call it, to your attire.


Have you ever tried wearing a denim shalwar kameez? Yes, you heard that right! Seriously! We are not talking about the denim dress shirts and jeans, we are talking about a Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez in denim. Just like this Khaadi denim collection, you too can incorporate this look in your daily attire. Be it a casual hangout with your girls, a work lunch, or a formal event. Denim looks good anywhere and everywhere. Regardless of the season and trend. These denim kurtas can either be paired with your favorite denim jeans, in the similar shade not so much, trying going with a contrasting shade. Because two similar shades of denim, do not look so appealing every time. Or you can give it a more eastern look by pairing these kind of shirts with shalwars, and cotton pants. But whatever style you choose, it is a must have in your closet!

The Usual!

Here are a few Pakistani dress designs that are the same old with a little twist! By same old we mean shalwar kameez suits, but stitched in ways that would not let you take your eyes off of them!

This yellow pastel shade can be your perfect outfit for the summer. The intricate embroidery and the gracefulness of this outfit makes it look traditional and classy at the same time.

This is not just your regular kameez, shalwar and dupatta! In fact it is a cape with flared pants and inner that has been stitched using the same cloth you do for your suits. Well, this is how the game of imagination works in fashion. These bold silhouettes and colors make this outfit stand out among the rest!

Here is just another one of those fabulous, “can’t keep my eyes off” suits to take some inspiration from. The simplicity and cuts of this outfit is what makes it so appealing! The perfect daily wear during the summer!

Chicken Kaari!

Don’t forget to get one of these amazing chicken kaari suits as well. They are perfect for those days when you have to dress in something subtle, and classy! Pair it with pants you like, either shalwars, gharars, or flared. This is one design that literally looks good with all of them!

Pakistani dresses designs for work

Work outfits give you the chance to take fashion to your office, with Pakistani dresses designs like never before. Monday can be both, the best and the worst for many. Or probably just what comes after it, considering all the trendy posts rolling on social media. Despite all the cringe worthy moments that come along with the first day of the week, we have office outfits to make us women feel better about every single day at work.

If fashion has taught us anything, then it is the fact that your outfit can either make you look like crap, or make you look fashion trendy.

Have you ever just woken up earlier than the usual every day to work, staring at your wardrobe deciding what to wear. Just because you always want to look your best at work. Whether you are a teacher, a business woman, a doctor or a nurse, dressing up for work enhances the state of your mind. Making you look happier than ever and posh at work. It’s just that you have to pick an attire that works best for the season.

In case you are that person, keep reading!

Moreover, there are days during the work weeks when you are running late to work and cannot dress up in a way that would make you look like a killer. The lack of time can make you feel like a total disaster, but if you have got your office wardrobe set aside, you will save yourself from the daily menace that surely every woman hates. In this post we are going to give you all the details you need when it comes to Pakistani dresses designs for work. Whether it is a formal suit for the modern women of today, or a Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez for the ladies who prefer dressing according to the “desi” trends.

What to wear to work?

Just because this question keeps coming up again and again, why not just sit back, take a deep breath and relax? Keep a notebook on the side and let us figure out how to dress up appropriately for work. So you do not look boring and dead everyday, just like your job. Hush! Do not let your boss find out! Just remember one thing, simple and classy win the game.

Go Classic!

Wearing the classic work outfit is probably one of the best Pakistani dresses designs for work. it is easy to pull off and does not require too much effort. Well, let us tell you about the different types of classic work outfits as well, and not just ask you to wear it blindly not knowing about it. But remember! Sometimes it can also make you look cliche and boring unless you follow this one tip- “always remember to wear a statement piece, or add items of fun, such as bags, watches, nails etc. It is the details that count more”.

Cropped Hem Pants and Shirt

Everybody loves the traditional pants and shirt that most women wear to work. But lets give it a little twist and incorporate the modern trends to it. That is the cropped hem pants or long flared pants instead of the regular dress pants that you have been wearing since you got the job. Pair it with any kind of shirt. It could be something as simple as a crisp white shirt, or a chiffon top. Depending on the weather, you can top it up with a blazer.

Kameez and Pants

You are going to work, so you would obviously not want to wear a shalwar, ot the shararas and ghararas to be precise. Believe it or not, that looks hideous. Although some women do like wearing such attires to their work places. Well, they cannot be stopped, because this is a democratic world, and everyone has the right to do what they wish.

However, coming back to our topic. You can wear a kameez with cigarette pants or flared pants to work as well. That is a very culture appropriate attire for work. Play with colors, and choose to wear all the new prints and designs that are being made by the designers. Unless you are emo and simple to be precise. Wearing a shirt and pant of the same shade, no print looks good too. You can always get a custom made outfit for work, because we are all blessed with tailors in our country!

Keeping it Casual

This is literally the most simple attire that one can wear to work, and the girls usually love it. Since all they have to do is take out a pair of their favorite jeans and wear it with any of their nice tops. Well, please do not wear the same shirt you wear to sleep, assuming it is cool. That just makes people look ridiculous.

Follow this one tip though! Always wear formal shows with your casual office attire. Maybe a pair of wedges, pumps, or heels. Play with the accessories, your bag, shoes, depending on the type of your job.

Jeans and Kurti

You can pair a kurti with your jeans to work! It gives you a mix and match look, by which we mean desi and western look at the same time.

Any Formal Top

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Pairing any formal top with jeans makes it look office worthy. By a formal top we do not mean you black sequin top that you would wear to dinners, we simply mean wearing a button down shirt with you denim looks great too. Try it! It will be a good trendy attire!