Affordable Pakistani Bridal Dresses- Maria B

Are you in a deep dilemma when it comes to your bridal dresses? Do not fret, we will solve this problem for you. A lot of Pakistani bridal dresses designers work with all their efforts, which are affordable by most. According to what the majority of customers are looking for and desire. Moreover, when it comes to price and quality, Maria B is one of the top designers in this regard. Being cooperative according to her client’s needs, she designs clothes that satisfy her customers to the core. Her collection comprises of a huge selection of Pakistani bridal wear, formal clothing, pret collections and evening clothing as well, for daily party wear. With designs that are diverse, the Pakistani bridal dresses collection by Maria B is a one stop shop for most of the women out there. The dresses require a time limit of at least six to eight months, before they are ready to be worn by the bride. So make sure you have enough time before your wedding to order an outfit from her boutique. Wondering how it is going to be done? Leave your name and contact details on their website, and the team will contact you as soon as your turn comes.

Grey Bridal Dress Designs

Style # 1

This dress design is one of the most demanding, considering the bridal collection by Maria B. A grey colored lehanga, with embellishments paired with a choli with intricate embroidery and detailing on the shoulders. The dupatta is based on net with similar embellishments as the bottom, and embroidered borders. Flaunt this outfit with diamonds and emeralds, or a bottle green necklace just like the model. Adding further class and beauty to this Pakistani bridal dress design.

Style # 2

Here is another bridal dress in the shade of grey. Seems like the cold shoulder trend has also been one of the trends since a while. A short length peplum shirt and trousers are the ultimate solution when it comes to trying out something different for wedding events. The intricate embroidery with kundan, and belt gives it an even better appearance. The trouser is slightly flared with gold stripes, giving this bridal dress Pakistani a funky look.

Style # 3

Bridal dresses that are as long as the ankle, or floor length are the top demand these days, giving a classy and ethereal look to the brides. Regarding the embroidery and style of this dress, any color would look good in this lehanga choli. It can be the perfect outfit for a reception or valima.

Style # 4

This long trail dress is perfect for the valima brides, and it is very obvious that it is the first choice for most of the brides. For the combination adds an amazing charm to the Pakistani bridal dresses. Moreover the shade grey, especially ivory is to the most asked for, so grab yours before they change the fashion and get rid of this shade from their collections.

Traditional Red Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Style # 1

Every bride loves wearing the shades of red and maroon. Keeping that in mind, this is one of the best options possible. The red top and bottom paired with a gold, fawn dupatta makes it look even more beautiful.

Style # 2

This long cape with silver embroidery using golden colored threads and kundan makes this bridal dress nothing less than a master piece. The borders of this dress are made using jamawar and the lehanga is also made using the similar material, making it the top notch dress of all time.

Style # 3

A red lehanga choli paired with a beige and gold dupatta with embroidery using similar colors as the entire outfit. Keeping the dress alive and contrasted. To all those brides who want something that has both tradition and fashion, being contemporary along with fulfilling the cores of culture. Choose this design for your wedding and be the center of everyone’s attention, which you should be because duh you will be the bride.


Dresses Designs- Latest Celebrity Spotting

There are a tons of Pakistani dress designs 2018 that are worth drooling over. Seen either at the ramp, or spotted on the streets of the city worn by a famous celebrity. They are simply adored by most of the trend followers. These drastic changes in fashion is what every girls and woman asks for. Being trendy and up to the mark at the same time. Setting up new highs and owning an outfit that works for every event.

The outfit should be like no other and the top most priority is how it has been stitched. We have piled up a few Pakistan dress designs that you can take inspiration from, worn by every famous personality that you could admire.

Dress Design

The different thing about these dresses is that they are detailed with a lot of intricacy and attraction. And.. hey.. they are not just the tardy old design explanations you mostly come across, they are pictures! So let those sink in your brain then?

East or West?

Let’s start of with what we call is a blend of the eastern and western styles. Is it a gown? Is it a suit? Well, it is everything that would work for your day events, press meetings and even those office dinners you cringe!

Everyone’s favorite twins Aiman and Minal Khan have been spotted wearing Kaftan’s for their latest fashiin shoot, and don’t they look adorable? When it comes to designer’s dresses, these two know how to pull them off. Kaftans come under the category of dresses design latest, for they have a contemporary apperance, to die for. Perfect for every occasion of yours.

Shehla Chatoor really knows how to make her way through when it comes to classy, and elegant Kaftans. They can be worn by women at semi formal or maybe even some casual parties.

Here is another one of those Kaftan’s but much more formal spotted on the ever fashionable Mawra Hocane, who is known for her debut in Pakistani drama and film industry. She knows how to make every outfit look like it was meant to be for her. Carrying it in such a way, that it becomes a trend setter for dresses design latest!

Suits are just too much of a business deal! So the designers came up with co-ordinates outfits to make your formal meetings look classier and obviously better than the rest! Just like the cutest sensation of Pakistan Hania Amir… Can’t beat her charm, can we?



Have you ever seen anyone look bad in a Saree? That is cause it is THE OUTFIT that makes a woman look elegant and trendy at the same time.

Sanam Jung was spotted wearing a Sana Sadinaz saree at the premiere of an Award Ceremony, and she looked no less than gorgeous in the two tone, blingy saree. The black detailing depicts charm and classiness. The combination makes it look funky and trendy at the same time.

These two are a similar style with a floral broach on the sleeve, left for you to decide your favorite one!


Every casual party is followed by a formal one! These dress designs 2018 are what were created by some of our favorite designers for the winter wedding season this year.

We all love Kubra, and her sense of style is worth tons. Anything she wears, looks sensational on her. Here she is seen wearing a designer outfit, in a subtle shade of white and gold. Peplum top with a sharara, and net dupatta with pearls. Surely every bride would look great in this attire as well.

Here is another one of the twins. Can you guess which one?

Iqra Aziz looks stunning in this Zainab Salman wedding attire that she wore for PLBW 18. The intricate embroidery and traditional shades of gold makes it look contemporary and stylish.

Doesn’t this silver and white bridal outfit with pink detailing look dashing on Saba Qamar? Surely this is a look every girl will opt for without a second thoughts.

Fashion Designing Dresses to Inspire Your Next Party Wear

Most people are very conscious about the way they look and how they dress. That is one of the reasons why most of them prefer having a wardrobe that is up to the mark. Along with that everyone loves to adopt the new emerging trends and fashion designing dresses. Be it a party, a wedding ceremony, or a formal event, they always want to look stylish, unique, and beautiful when it comes to their appearance.

The fashion designers of Pakistan are striving everyday to achieve that goal, in order to provide people with new styles and trends considering clothing. Fashion is no longer limited to just a few designs and styles, in fact there are tons of them to choose from. With a variety that is so big, that it will take you days to go through the entire collection, in every store, at every corner of just your own city. Our fashion designers have set up a trend for the people to look their best. They are versatile and creative in every way possible, starting from something just as simple as a scarf to something as unique as a party outfit. One of these trend is gowns and skirts. These kind of dresses are perfect for your next party wear.

Gowns and skirts are becoming very popular among the young women and girls these days, and that is mostly what they prefer wearing to parties and formal events. The best part about these gowns is that they can be made in which ever style and fabric, according to the weather. It can be either something as cool and airy as silk for the hot summers, or something warm like velvet for the winters. A huge variety of these designs would help you in picking out the kind of gown that you would want to wear to your next party. These gowns can be worn for both formal and casual parties!

Fashion Design Dresses

Here are a few party wearing worthy gowns and Pakistani dress design that would enhance your look. probably make you the center of the party as well.

Who does not like to go to parties? Surely everyone does! On top of that it is one of the favorite hobbies of most women, and since these styles are for the female population, it is going to be cherry on top of their fun. Since they want to look elegant and unique at the parties. These designs comprise of different embroidery, thread work, and fabrics.


Velvet is considered to be classy and the perfect outfit for your parties during the winters. It will definitely make you look chic, and save you from freezing to death at the events at the same time. It is stylish and suitable to wear during the cold weather.

Giving it grace and a stylish look, this party wear outfit comes under the category of unique. Velvet looks good when you get it with a blend of different colors, embroidery and intricate designs. But be sure to wear a mixture pf velvet and other materials. For instance velvet gowns with embroidered silk pants! All velvet would make you look like a curtain to be honest. Some velvet clothing has “Tilla” work on it too, while some of them have stone work, thread work and embellishments.


The most trendy and the most loved are the chiffon gowns, basically everyone’s favorite! It never goes out of style and one can never go wrong with it either. It would not be wrong to call chiffon an ever green outfit, which can be worn both formally and informally to every sort of party or event. There are tons of designs when it comes to chiffon outfits and gowns. You can never run out of new ideas. They are either embroidered with thread, or stones. They all have a unique charm of their own. Cut work and pearls also look good on chiffon.


Silk is considered to be a light fabric, which makes it perfect for the summers. It is mostly used as a formal wear outfit, usually consisting of embroidery and fibers that make the outfit appear more glossy.


The trendiest of all fabrics these days is net. Inspired from the fairy princess clothing, net is pretty and elegant at the same time. Used as a unique party wear for many, here are a few of the net gowns that have lavish embroideries and hues worth dying for. Net gowns a preferably made using thread work and sequin work.

Unique & New Designs for Dresses in Pakistan

Every girl and woman in the world wants to emerge with the changing fashion styles. She wants to stay up to date, trendy and chic. Wearing the most fashionable, new design dress Pakistan, and outfit styles everyday. A woman can never compromise on two things. the first one is how she looks, and the second one is what she wears. Obviously clothing comes in the category of looks. She believes in looking her best at every occasion, depicting a personality worth cherishing.

The trends, when it comes to parties and events has changed a lot during the past few years. It is not just about wearing a Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez. In fact it is about incorporating the western and eastern culture to your attire, proving to be the best of all worlds. For that every reason, every woman needs to invest her time and energy in the latest fashion trends and designs. However, most people who think of it as a waste of time, they should emphasize on the fact that you are what you appear to be. Not what you want the world to see you as, because you are hidden under those filthy, hideous, clothes.

Pakistani Dress Designs

Here, in this blog are a few new design dress Pakistan, which are perfect for the girls and emerging women. The main point that we are trying to state here is that everyone should dress up in their own unique and perfect way. You do not always have to buy expensive clothing to look classy. The main thing behind looking trendy is the style of the clothing and the way that it has been stitched in. Stitching is definitely one of the most important aspects to make an outfit look impressive and up to the mark.

Dress Design Ideas for Girls and Women of Trend!

A lot of fashion designers have helped us by telling us what makes a woman look best dressed. They help us in figuring out the styles that suit us best, and what is age appropriate at the same time. Providing us with the knowledge of fashion, which most of us young women are unaware of. Many fashion designers make unique and trendy dresses, just how their clients want it to be.

Expanding beyond the styles and trends that have been going on for centuries, here are a few dresses designs images, which are perfect for the girls of today. Whether she is a student who goes to college, or  a woman working in the corporate world, these designs are perfect for each one of them. Well, of course party outfits are also included here, because life is incomplete without some fun.

The designers of Pakistan are doing a wonderful job in making the fashion industry of the country rise.

These gowns are perfect for your prom at school, cocktail business dinner, or a bridal shower, celebrating being single with the girls one last time.

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Formal and Informal Pakistani Dress Designs

A pop of several colors and intricate embroidery is great for women of every age. Whether young or old, they all can wear such outfits with a little bit of improvisations here and there. Lawn sarees, can be worn during occasions that do not ask for something very formal. Embellished sarees, with heavy thread work, embroidery and designs, can be worn formally to weddings.

Planning on trying out something unique and different? Because you are just so sick of the ordinary? Wear a saree with pants, which is a saree, but with pants instead of a petticoat. Believe it or not, it looks gorgeous, just like in the pictures.

Cotton sarees are the best for everyday wear! Not too flashy and not too formal, just the right amount of fashionable.

Looking for a summer attire? Plain shirts with printed silk dupattas is the perfect attire for the summers.

Designer lawn is an addition to the fashion trends of Pakistan. They are also perfect when it comes to summer attires. The luxury lawn collection can be worn formally to dinners and parties, whereas the daily wear summer lawn can be worn to work or to your daily errands in fact.

Party wear usually includes different styles of gowns, and frocks. Designed with different sorts of embellishments like pearls, net, organza etc. Making the outfit look better than ever. Shalwar kameez with heavy embroidery, well not like the one you would wear to a wedding, can be worn as well.

Pakistani Dress Designs: Pictures to Inspire Your Wedding Look

The wedding seasons in Pakistan are endless. You see people wrapping off and just a few days go by, the new wedding invitations start coming in. One of the best things about weddings in Pakistan is the eastern cultural wear, the costumes and the traditions. We live in such a society, where these things leave a mark in our hearts forever. Check out these Pakistani dresses designs pictures that would inspire you for your next wedding looks!

Well, speaking factually, net clothes and subtle shades are the inn thing these days. These Pakistani dress designs pictures that you will now come across in this article would definitely suit every bride to be.

Drool worthy Pakistani Dresses Designs

Dark reds, light hues, accessorizing with traditional jewelry definitely gives the bride an elite, and modern look.

Make your look subtle and elegant, by wearing heavily embroidered outfits and minimum jewels!

Replacing the utterly gorgeous gowns with the modern traditions of eastern wear!


Doesn’t Sonya look stunning in this ice blue couture, just like a fairy tale wedding!



Stylish Dress Designs for Baby Girls

It is likely that you might know this, or not, depends! It is a must say that styling your daughters when they are babies can be a tough job as a mother. Styling your own personal wardrobe is a piece of cake, because you are aware of the kind of clothes that look good on you. Along with the kind of outfits that do not. But when it comes to dressing your daughters, it can be a very tough job. Although it is hell lot of fun, it can be a lot of hard work. You have to make sure of a lot of things. For instance, the clothes that she is wearing are comfortable, is she too cold in them? Or is she too warm in them? Are they appropriate according to the season? Are they itchy on the skin, and what not! If we make a list, then surely we can make a book out of the dos and don’ts of baby wear.

Most mothers who are fashion forward themselves, prefer dressing up their daughters in the same manner as well. After all, they learn to follow if taught young. Another reason for doing that is a memory to make, because obviously, mothers will not get to pick up their daughter’s outfits forever. When they would start getting older, they would want to do it all by themselves. But hey! You can always look at their old pictures and happy cry!

A lot of moms or curious when considering where to buy the clothes for their girls from. What kind of a dress design for baby girl would look good! So here we are, piling up all the styling tips that are required for you to dress up your baby girl. If needed, we will mention some of the stores in Pakistan where you can shop for your baby girls clothing very easily, at your comfort level.

Summer Dress Designs for Baby Girl

When it comes to summer clothing, you have to make sure of a lot of thing. Firstly that the clothing that you buy for your baby girl should be cool and comfortable. Considering the scorching weather of most cities of the country, you would not want her to get sweaty and uncomfortable. Secondly, the fabric should be skin friendly and not irritating to the skin. Keeping the scientific aspects apart, the best part about it is that you get to play with so many colors, prints and styles.

Summer is all about the bright colors, fruity designs and cool styles. Dress up you baby girl in fruit print dresses. Popping up some accessories with it would enhance the fun. Maybe a pair of floral head band, or a scrunchy that is shaped like a banana! There are tons of ideas and styles that you can follow and choose from! So keep reading further to find out more!

Play with the sleeves!

Young girls look so cute and adorable in off shoulder, sleeveless tops. Giving an appealing and cute personality at the same time! These kids are the life of everyone’s house. If it was not for the kids, everything would be so dull and boring. They are the reason behind most of our happiness. Other than that, they let us know that beauty is not just for the adults, it comes in small and tiny sizes as well. Well, there is a true fact in that. Here are a few diverse designs that are perfect for the summer season. They are vibrant, colorful, cool and just way too adorable.

Frocks and Dresses!

Frocks and dresses are the perfect summer dress design for baby girl. They are cool, and comfortable, giving your girls a cute girly touch at the same time. Pair them up with some adorable pair of flat pumps, with or without a buckle. Or a pair of floral sandals for a casual attire.

Shorts/Jeans and T-Shirts

With everything formal, comes casual as well. You would definitely not want to make your baby girls wear such fancy clothing all the time. Those frocks with the frills and leggings. For everyday wear make them dress up into casual t shirts and jeans or shorts. You can choose to get cotton legging shorts, or jeans, which ever you think are better and more convenient.

Designer Dresses

Well, you read that right. There are several designer dresses designs in Pakistan for both the mother and the daughter. Isn’t that super adorable? You can make your daughter wear something matching on special occasions and it would look very cute.

Other than that, considering the Pakistani dress designs for your girls, for occasions like Eid and weddings, there is always a way. Several stores make clothing for girls, like “kurtis and shalwar kameez”, which makes it very convenient for moms. Another great idea that most can follow is that you can utilize your left over clothing pieces and ask your tailors to make something for your little girls with it. Isn’t that great? Well, try it to believe it.