Bridal Dress Design- Engagement Dresses

Coming to the engagement bridal dress design, taking a break from all those heavy bridal dresses for a while. Considering an attire for engagements- which is a small ceremony. These dresses are mesmerizing and breath taking. Nobody wants to be very flashy at their engagement, because they want to leave all the high end preparations for the big day that is yet to come.

Talking about the event itself, in the olden times, the bride and groom’s mothers put the rings in their child in law’s hands. But as the time is changing, and life is all about being contemporary with a touch of tradition. The bride and groom exchange the rings and promise to marry each other in the nearest future.

A lot of people prefer a small event, where as some of them prefer a grand one. The brides usually wear formal clothing, apart from the typical bridal attire. Maxis, long front open flared shirts, capes, knee length shirts with flared pants or ghararas, lehangas at times as well. The color combination and the designs are all according to what the to be bride wants to wear.

Engagement Dress Designs

Bridal dress designs for engagements are nothing close to the regular wedding dresses. They come in shades that are lighter and designs that are more subtle. Moreover it is a pre wedding event, hence the outfits are in a light scheme of colors. The most likely chosen colors are gold, beige, silver, pastel colors. These shades are picked and observed on most of the occasions.

To look novice and more embellished, it is better to choose lighter shades for the event. They look a lot better than the dark, flashy colors. But then again, the choice is all yours and do whatever makes you feel comfortable.It is all about what you like and want. Picking out outfits from the valima collections is also one of the options. Maybe cut down the embroidery here and there, opting for the light combinations basically.

In order to add a charm to your clothing, get it stitched using “tilla” and “dabka”. It add beauty to your Pakistani bridal wear. A touch that is lighter, yet fancier will do the trick just how you want it to be. Gold and diamond jewelry will be cherry on top of the cupcake. On top of that, long maxi dresses and capes would make you the center of attention.

Dress to Impress

Lehangas will be one of the significant choices for your event. Moreover it will get you started off with how the entire technique works, when it comes to dressing up for wedding ceremonies of your own. Believe it or not, it is nothing like shopping for someone else’s wedding. Pakistani wedding dress designers always have the itch to deliver something that is unique and different when it comes to the style trends.

These designs are not only for weddings, in fact they can also be worn at those super formal parties for Eid.
Depending on your likes and dislikes, instead of a lehanga, you can also opt for pants. If the shirt is long in length, go for cigarette pants or a churidar pajama. But that is all up to what you want.

Princess of Hearts

A lot of girls pursue marriage as a dream come true. A fairy tale they read about their entire childhood. Brides prefer looking subtle and breathtaking at the same time on their engagement ceremonies. Bridal dress design in the form of frocks can be worn, in any length and any color. Being subjective, choose the latest dress designs and look like the princess you were born to be.

A bunch of hues that cannot be mistaken for at engagement ceremonies is blue, white, red, pink and many more.

But be sure to always keep in mind what the latest trends are. You do not want to look like a fashion reject by wearing a long gown that does not even make any sense. These kind of styles with a touch of modernism would definitely make women look ravishing, just like their personalities.

For now, all the dresses that we have talked about are in fashion. However, with the emerging change in the fashion industry, these trends would probably just last a season. So all those girls getting engaged right away, follow these. The rest? Keep an eye out for more.

Lawn Dress Design: GulAhmed vs AlKaram

Looking for the latest Pakistani lawn dress design for women 2018? Wanting to wear the most up to date and latest collections of the most wanted lawn? As the months of summer start approaching- well to be honest it is summer all year round in most of the cities of Pakistan. Women start getting more concerned about the fashion trends that emerge with the weather and aspire to change with the trends. The season summer is all about the colors, which allure the eye during the throbbing season and fresh prints. That is why, a lot of fashion designers have a side where they design clothes specifically for this season. Under the label of “summer lawn collections” for women and girls.

Lawn Dress Design- Latest Summer Collection

In order to cater the needs of every women according to her likes and dislikes, there are tons of different brands. These Pakistani lawn dress design brands are produced by the designers specifically for women who are conscious about their appearance, what they wear, and how they look. Here are a few of the best lawn collections, moreover a comparison between the two most wanted lawn brands. Sound interesting, doesn’t it? Keep reading to find out more!

Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection 2018

Considered as one of the most wanted brands of lawn dress design. Every year, people look forwards to the launch of Gul Ahmed’s summer lawn collection. It is one of the most awaited brands of the country. This season they have released different volumes of their summer collection, just like every year. In order to attract their customers and to gain new ones of course. After all, who does not get attracted to new designs and trends of lawn? The collection is a go to one for every working woman, a young college girl or even a stay at home mother and house wife. If you prefer simple yet classy clothes for lunches and those kitty parties of yours, you can choose from these wide collections.

Al Karam Latest Summer Lawn Designs 2018

Being one of the leading and top most textile companies of Pakistan, Al Karam is known for its wide range of clothing for both men and women. It is recognized for clothing for women at the same scale as the other things. The summer lawn collection is categorized accordingly. It consist of both embroidered luxury suits and casual printed lawn, which can be utilized according to the occasions. The colors are bright and fresh, which can be worn by women of every age and profession.

For instance, if you are a stay at home mom, choose the casual prints. If you are a working woman, choose the ones with a little embroidery. Just to add a formal touch. Their shirts and designs can be opted by both young girls and older women. The following Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez are from their latest collection.



Trendy Bridal Dresses Pics

Thought of doing something different? In this post, you can discover the latest trends in Pakistani wedding fashion through pictures. Women have different choices and styles when it comes to outfit ideas for weddings, so we thought to just show them all to you. You believe what you see, so have faith in all these clothes? Well, yeah. Believe in them and know that they will look good on you. So hold tight and keep scrolling.

Bridal Dress Designs Worth a Million

These bridal dress pics will definitely make you fall in love with every outfit that you are just about to come across. The intricate embroidery, color combinations and a lot more will make you want it all.

Bloody Reds

Starting off with the typical shade of reds that everyone awes over, continuing with lighter and bold colorful shades.

Beige and Gold


50 Shades of Grey

Pastel Pinks and Whites!


Play with Colors!

Top Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers

Dress designers in Pakistan have made a lot of contributions to the fashion industry of the country. The contribution made for the designer dresses for women of the year 2018 is immense. They are remarkably alluring for the wedding events. Your body speaks of fashion as one of its known languages. The way you dress up or appear has a great significance on your life. It matters a lot. Dignifying the beauty of your personality. One needs to be very specific when it comes to bridal dresses for weddings and occasions. The members of the family, especially the bride and the guests as well need to appear spectacularly magnificent on all the events.

From the past few decades, the fashion designers of Pakistan have worked with their heart and soul. In order to make the fashion trends the best compared to the rest of the world. One of the few top notch bridal dresses designers are, Nomi Ansari Bridal, Sania Maskatya, Elan and many more. It would probably take an entire booklet to mention all the designers of the country and their remarkable work. In short, they all have done a great job!

Bridal Designers

According to every ceremony, the bridal dresses designers of Pakistan suggest a different attire for every event. You can get to know about all the new trends and designs of the bridal dresses by visiting their outlets and exhibitions, which are held once every few months. So people can go and see the clothing, choose according to their demands or get it customized. Other than that, the fashion weeks of Pakistan are the best events that show case all the latest bridal and formal collection. The most known and astounding designers are being presented to you. Just hang on and keep reading. You will not regret it, because a collection like these designers would be found nowhere around the world.

Sania Maskatiya Bridal

From the past few years, this art school graduate has been working effortlessly on her bridal dresses. They may be a little expensive but they are totally worth it. Focusing on intricate detailing using Swarovski crystals, beads, thread work and a lot more. her collection is different and very much appreciated by the women.

Zainab Chottani Bridal

Better than the rest, her collection is unique, which makes you scream with pleasure. Her clothing line is glamorously impressive. The shades of colors and hues add a royal touch to her clothes, making every woman look different in her own way.

The colors that she picks for her base are usually subtle, such as grey, light pinks and towards the pastel shades. Embellished with crystals, beads and a detailed bodice in most of her designs. She is eminent for her famous embroidery work altogether. Being very famous among the celebrities for the following reasons. Actresses choose to wear the clothing designed by her.

Tena Durrani Bridal

Tena’s collection is one of the finest for the brides. Her dress designs have a look that touches the class of the royals. Being the most followed brand of the year 2018, her clothing has a touch of gracefulness. Although a tad bit costly, they look amazing when worn.

Nomi Ansari Bridal

Nomi Ansari’s collection has a great mark on the fashion industry. The clothing lines by him usually revolve around heavy embroidery and intricacy. Using different shades of gold, silver, or white, his clothing line is worth dying for.

The designs are impressive to look at, and the embroidered tops and bottoms with a combination of different colors are the finest. They steal the show at every event and every wedding, no matter who wears it.

Elan Bridal

Offering a wide range of collection for women, Elan is the perfect option if someone is looking for heavily embroidered clothing. With styles that are contemporary and impressive at the same time, it is a dream come true for women.


10+ Bridal Mehendi Dresses

being called an event of colors, your new chapter towards life is incomplete without the festivities of a mehendi. A journey full of happiness, which is everyone’s wish, and when the days come closer. The dates are no further than a few days, they ask for nothing but joy and happiness. Filling their lives up with every color of the world, and the future that is ahead of them is nothing but a sky full of happy memories. Along with fun and entertainment. Unlike the western culture, the eastern culture comprises of living every festive to the fullest, incorporating every aspect of their traditions to it. Just like that, the weddings in Pakistan have also changed drastically compared to the past. Incorporating a mixture of different cultures and religions. This has given birth to not only the ever fancy receptions, but also an extravagant mehendi.

Happy Ever After

From the most lavishing decor, to dance floors that are worth drooling over. Pakistani mehendis are no less than a grand celebratory event. The epic dances, the performances, the food, the enthusiasm, and the vibrant colors of the Pakistani bridal dresses, everything sums up to something perfect. Professional choreographers are hired, just so everything that is meant to entertain the guests is interesting to watch. Be it a dance within the friends or a couple performance, everything has to be the best. Breaking taboos and enriching the dance floor with their “dhumkas” and “thumkas”. They are not just any event, where women sit and sing high pitch songs, instead it is one of the most awaited event of every wedding. An affair of entertainment to the core.

Since the event of a mehendi is usually on a large scale, the brides makes sure that they put in an extra effort towards everything. In the olden times, it was a small scale function, where makeup, clothing and even the attire did not matter a lot. The only thing that mattered was the green and yellow theme. But in today’s era, everything is about the clothing line, the selection of colors. In short, no tables are left unturned. There is no space for mistakes, even if that means spending thousands on bridal dresses. Anything to look the best!

All those to be brides who are looking for some inspirational clothing ideas, here is an entire list for you to decide from.

Simple and Subtle

A simple bride is a stunning one as well. A lot of girls prefer going subtle on the mehendi, so there is some new fancy attire to look forward to on the main day. However, the traditional shades and designs are never left behind. Chunri makes one the best materials when it comes to bridal mehendi dresses. Just like a few of these worn by one of everyone’s favorites celebrities. Surely they must have been an inspiration for the girls who choose to go simple yet classy. Jewelry is also not one of their main concerns, for they prefer being all natural. Chambeli flowers incorporated into earrings and necklaces, adds a breathtaking charm of its own.

The Traditional Shades of Yellow and Orange


Not forgetting about your roots and traditions, yellow and orange bridal mehendi dresses with minimal makeup. The no makeup look by the ever famous Nabila Salon of course, and fresh floral jewels as usual is what you should pick over anything. Inspired by the older era, intricate embroidery and gorgeous embellishments incorporating thread work as well. Beads, sequins, and much more.

Natural Shades of Green

A style worth getting married a million times, which will make you fall in love again and again. A green tones lehanga choli for your mehendi, is something that does not only look the prettiest. But it also adds a charm to the attire of the bride. Getting out of the yellows, and mixing up lively and bold shades of green, bottle green, leafy greens embellished with different types of beads or stones. Beautifully hand worked with intricacy, frilled borders and highlighted hues of pinks and reds is what makes the designer dresses for weddings lively and breathtaking. Celebrating happiness and joy this outfit is loved by each one of them.

Dreamy Contemporaries

These contemporary bridal mehendi dresses with embellishments. Decked work with silver and gold, along with crystal borders makes the typical bridal outfit a dreamy, out of the box attire. It is the ideal apparel for summer weddings as well, which as for different lively shades. These bridal dress images will give you an idea of what we are talking about.


Bridal Dress Pakistani For The Main Wedding Day

Every girl wants to look no less than a royal princess on her big day. Indeed, wedding are a life changing event for everyone, the bride and the groom, regardless of the gender. For it happens only once in everyone’s lives. From the functions of mehendis which are extravagantly posh, to the exquisite reception, a wedding in Pakistan is a combination of different beautiful events, celebrated with the best possible preparations. Moreover, the shades of green, yellow and orange are associated with mayoons, and mehendis, the color red has always been the wedding shade. However the shade white is also gaining a lot of importance now. The promise of standing together in sickness and in wealth should be celebrated with charm after all. It is a big deal, isn’t it?

Shades of Weddings

Red has always been the top priority when it comes to choosing the color for your wedding dress. But as the years have been passing by, women opt for different shades of colors other than the typical, traditional shade of red. These varying combinations, whether traditional or contemporary, make every bride look ethereal on her big day. Although, no matter what shade of colors you go for, the typical shade of red gives a classical charm that no other shade has ever given. The traditional shades of white look good as well, compared to multicolored clothing.

Beginning with the shade of the rose to a lot of different tones that you can opt for, for your big day. You will definitely shine like a shooting star. Be it a pure shade of blood red or a mixture of different types of reds, oranges and purples, a little tint of the shade makes the clothing look modern yet traditional at the same time. So if you come under the category of those girls who prefer wearing the typical shades of red and want to look as traditional as possible, holding the beauty of the festivities, these red designer dresses would be a perfect choice for you.

Red and Gold

This ever charming bridal dress Pakistani by Tena Durrani is what every girl dreams about. A dazzling combination of red with intricate gold embroidery. The heavy jewelry increases the attraction of the bridal dress design. A white blouse with a red cape embroidered delicately on net and chiffon makes it no less than a worthy piece of art. Depicting the tribal era of the emperors, every bride who loves traditional attires would love this.

Maroon and Gold

Here is another one by the same designer, Tena. Complimenting a dark shade of red, more close to maroon or dark purple with heavy golden embroidery. An artistic combination of stone and hand work, this bridal dress Pakistani speaks a million words of class and elegance.

Multiple Layers of Red and Gold

This floor length gown is embroidered with zardozi and resham paired with lavender colored dupatta based on net. Enhancing the outfit with further detailing and intricacy, Fahad Hussayn really knows how to attract women when it comes to designer dresses for weddings. He knows how to make a bride look like a royal queen straight out of her kingdom.

Red Velvet

Velvet is the perfect material for those cold winter weddings, well obviously not in Karachi. But for the other cities of the country. Places where people actually get to experience winters, or other countries, because Pakistani weddings happen all across the globe. Just like this hot red bridal dress. It has been brought together by pairing a velvet shirt embroidered with zardozi embellishments and intricate embroidery. The top is heavier than the bottom and the dupatta is close to being plain with zarzodi embroidered borders, similar to the shirt. Adding an exciting charm to the entire attire.