How to Belt a Fur Scarf

Blue and black fur scarf wrapped with skinny belt on waist.
Over the weekend I had a party to attend and wanted to wear my favourite winter accessory. However I didn’t want to have to carry the scarf if it became too warm indoors. If you saw last weeks post I showed how to wear this fur scarf over a jacket. For this party I decided to pair it with a short sleeved button down and belt it in the front. This way I could always unbelt it and wrap it around my shoulders if it was a bit chilly indoors. Now of course I wore a jacket over this outfit on the way to the party, but left it in the car so I wouldn’t have to carry it. What do you think of the belted fur scarf? Is it something you would wear?
Fur scarf belted over quilted skirt and short sleeved button down.Fur scarf belted close up with black mini bag with dog.Fur scarf belted, black bag with dog hanging from hand.fur belted Belted fur scarf, close up, turned to the side view.Close up of belt around fur scarf.Bottom of fur scarf with small end on one side.Faux fur scarf and mini bag.
Scarf: Unrealfur.  Blouse: Micheal Kors.  Skirt: Chanel Identification.  Bag: Barry Kieselstein Cord.
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