Handmade Dress Designs that You Can’t Get Enough Of

“The first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. to write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.”

One of the very popular and old brands of Pakistan, depicting the image of villagers in their mirror embroidered clothes. Isn’t that just amazing?

With the evolution of trends in stitching styles, handmade dress designs have long lost their charm. The designs for stitching in the country have never been taken a step back because most women of today prefer wearing clothes that are stitched and designed before hand by the stores. Most of the women are house wives or working women. They either have too much on their hands to spend time doing these clothing chores, or they are too busy working at their offices preferring something fast forward just like their lives.

A lot them give preference to stitched clothing when it comes to outfits for parties, dinners etc. For they do not have the time and energy to do so. However, despite the changes with time, handmade dress designs are still considered vintage and are given the charm over machine stitched designs. By that we do not mean the stitching. In fact we mean the embroidery and embellishments that are done by hand.

As the time is passing by, a lot of trends have come and gone. But women on the other hand prefer intricately made clothing, basically hand made dress designs. Although they do prefer already stitched- which is ready made fabrications of their lawns, summer outfits, winter collections and much more. They prefer hand made dress design patterns on their shirts, tunics, kameez, and much more.

Traditional Hand Made Designs Incorporated into Modern Wear

Don’t these shells that are stitched on the shirt one by one look ethereal?

The dress designs in Pakistan are very well known for their designs, luxurious styles, and prints. The fashion industry of the country is moving very fast, and sometimes it is hard o keep track of the pace when it comes to the clothing styles. All the designs that come under the category of hand made designs are the ever famous, Sindhi, Balochi and Pathan dress designs. The core of the country, which it was created with. All the provinces unite together and make an identity for the fashion world through their hand made dress designs and cultural clothing. That is what adds charm to fashion, along with the contemporary designs.


These days, a lot of women prefer wearing peplum dresses and shirts. They are designed using the same patterns as those on the traditional hand made dress designs, to give a compelling yet cultural look. Aparat from the gowns, peplum and long shirts, the dresses styles are chosen in accordance with the occasion it needs to be worn for. Just the embroidery remains the same.

Frocks look great with stylish bottoms. Stores likes Generation Pakistan and Khaadi give cultural hand made dress designs a huge importance. The color schemes are of different types, varying according to the trends. But the cuts and stitching is also somewhat similar to the traditional kinds form the olden days.

Stitched Kurtis Dresses Designs in Pakistan

Whenever the topic of designs for kurtis comes up, women prefer something that is free of fittings. The kurta, which is also one of the traditional dress designs, comes in various categories and it is free from all sorts of discomforts that comes along with fitted clothing. Loose clothing is obviously a hundred times better than fit clothing, after all everyone needs a breather once is a while. Especially during the hot summer days of the country. These kind of kurtas are usually available in the ready to wear collections and formats. Whatever colors you decide to choose, they all will look great on you, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

The latest collection of Generation Pakistan, caters to the women of the country in their hand made dress designs.

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