Dresses & Designs Pakistani Actors Wore in 2018

Fashion Pakistan week happens every year, to show case all the designer dresses that our ever loved designers come up with for every wedding season. Basically, FPW is the it thing of the year, which everyone looks forward to. Obviously, the reason behind the excitement is that weddings happen in Pakistan all year round, and everyone needs new ideas to come up with for their outfits. These designers work effortlessly, day and night to come up with designs to cater the people, both men and women. The number of these bridal fashion weeks have increased greatly over the past few years depending on the demand.

Celebrities are a big deal when it comes to these bridal fashion weeks, for they play a huge role as being the show stoppers and openers of the ramp every year. Without them, the show would be of a scale not as high, because most of the general population looks up to their daily soap and drama actors.

Dazzling Celebrities- Fashion Pakistan Week

From the promotion of their debut movies, to the release of their new drama serials, or just being the IT celebrity for the fashion week. These actors really know how to get their way through the industry and make the name in the fashion world. People adore watching their favorite celebrities on the ramp, wearing those classy, heavily embroidered designer outfits. Just like every other year, this year also the fashion Pakistan week was star studded. Many of the designers chose the top notch stars, to open and close their show. Actors like Sana Javed- the girl who fought for her brother’s right in her most recent drama “Khaani”, Imran Abbas- the heartthrob of both Bollywood and Lollywood. The most loved sisters Sara and Noor Khan and many other including Kubra Khan, and Ayeza Khan walked the ramp.

Here are some of the pictures from the show for you to drool over!

Sarwat Gillani

This woman really knows how to carry herself well in detailed Deepak Perwani, tie front top and flared bottoms!

Syra Shehroze and Her Mother in Law

Sana Javed and Imran Abbas

A traditional orange and blue front open cape with lehanga is what most brides choose to wear at the weddings these days. That is exactly what has been created as well!

The two co stars gave an idea of how the bride and groom should dress up for their wedding in coordinates outfits. Don’t they look super adorable?

Kubra Khan aka The Kubism!

Spotted wearing a black gown, Kubra really knows how to pull of every look!

Noor Khan

Noor was also seen wearing a black funky dress with detailing on the sleeves. The hair accessory surely added a touch of traditional glamour to their attire.



Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan was seen wearing a very stylish maxi dress. Based on a gold material, and intricate embroidery, she definitely looked like the center of attention at the show. Surely every bride would want to look this glamorous at her wedding.

Hareem Farooq

Hareem on the other hand was seen wearing a contemporary dress in raw silk. The black toe heels, high bun, and smokey eyes. She gave an example of what a woman should choose to wear at a business formal event.



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