Dresses & Designs for Girls: Teens and Young Women

Wanna know about what you should be wearing during the hot, sunny days of college? Or anyone who just started their new job after getting done with school, having no clue about their daily wardrobe? Isn’t that just cringe worthy? Not being able to decide what to wear! Well, college days and when you are are the best days of your life. They are never forgotten and are considered as one of the golden days of life. Nobody wants to forget them, so why waste time thinking about things that are in our hands.

Once those days are gone, they will never come back. make them mesmerizing and memorable. leave the fashion and clothing part for us. Other than missing out on the most important lectures in class, there are other things to worry about. Such as, what you should be wearing to your friend’s birthday party, or what outfit will look good during the class meeting and so on. Of course, with every thing the way you dress up is also important. It affects the persona of your life, depicting your personality. We are pretty sure you really care about that! Huh?

Also, do not worry about your pockets. We know you work on your monthly pocket money. Just leave all that to us. Feed yourself with dresses that are affordable and give rise to your inner stylist, being the show stopper of your campus throughout the year.

Button Down Shirts

Be the fashion nazi you are, by being trendy and stylish at work or school everyday. What can be better than a button down shirt in such a case? There are tons of store like Stone age, Outfitters Pakistan and Khaadi that make these kind of shirts, specifically for young girls. There should be no confusion whenever you are wearing shirts, because they can be paired with any color denim, which too is available at the stores for very reasonable prices.

Look out for dark colored shirts for the winters and light colored ones for the summers. Settle down for cotton, denim and chiffon material shirts, depending on the occasion. casual or formal.

Skinny Jeans

Be it the weekend or just a boring Monday, one can never go wrong with skinny jeans. Good thing all the designers make skinny jeans now, and one does not have to search everywhere to buy a good pair of jeans. They can be easily bought from all the local Pakistani stores like Khaadi and all. Available in a variety of styles and colors, one can never get over their jeans. The vivid patterns, designs and distressed styles look great with eastern kurtis.

Go for peasant tops, designer shirts, and long kurtis with super distressed jeans. Right when the weather is too warm, wear cotton cigarette pants or flared pants. That way, you can utilize one top for every season, and save money at the same time. Utilize it as a party outfit for the weekend by accessorizing with jewelry.

Summer Party


During the summers, light shades and prints work best. These luxurious dresses are manageable and can be worn by girls at every formal occasion.The dresses are cool, and subtle, with prints that are towards the lighter side. The designers in the fashion industry very well aware of what kind of outfits look best on young girls and women. So there is no need to panic just because you do not have clothes to wear to the prom this season. There is wide collection of dresses designs for girls in the market of every sort and price range.

Shirts and Pants


For all those days that call for traditional and ethnic clothing, choose an outfit that is simple and eclectic at the same time. Shalwar kameez comes in a wide category at every store, like Generation, Ethnic and all, which cater to the needs of young girls. They are one of the most stress and hectic free clothes. Easy on the pockets and cool on the skin. They can be worn either as a three piece suit or as a two piece outfit. Girls who like wearing stoles, can pair them up with just one of those cute scarves they have at Sana Safinaz for your accessory needs.

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