Bridal Dress Pakistani For The Main Wedding Day

Every girl wants to look no less than a royal princess on her big day. Indeed, wedding are a life changing event for everyone, the bride and the groom, regardless of the gender. For it happens only once in everyone’s lives. From the functions of mehendis which are extravagantly posh, to the exquisite reception, a wedding in Pakistan is a combination of different beautiful events, celebrated with the best possible preparations. Moreover, the shades of green, yellow and orange are associated with mayoons, and mehendis, the color red has always been the wedding shade. However the shade white is also gaining a lot of importance now. The promise of standing together in sickness and in wealth should be celebrated with charm after all. It is a big deal, isn’t it?

Shades of Weddings

Red has always been the top priority when it comes to choosing the color for your wedding dress. But as the years have been passing by, women opt for different shades of colors other than the typical, traditional shade of red. These varying combinations, whether traditional or contemporary, make every bride look ethereal on her big day. Although, no matter what shade of colors you go for, the typical shade of red gives a classical charm that no other shade has ever given. The traditional shades of white look good as well, compared to multicolored clothing.

Beginning with the shade of the rose to a lot of different tones that you can opt for, for your big day. You will definitely shine like a shooting star. Be it a pure shade of blood red or a mixture of different types of reds, oranges and purples, a little tint of the shade makes the clothing look modern yet traditional at the same time. So if you come under the category of those girls who prefer wearing the typical shades of red and want to look as traditional as possible, holding the beauty of the festivities, these red designer dresses would be a perfect choice for you.

Red and Gold

This ever charming bridal dress Pakistani by Tena Durrani is what every girl dreams about. A dazzling combination of red with intricate gold embroidery. The heavy jewelry increases the attraction of the bridal dress design. A white blouse with a red cape embroidered delicately on net and chiffon makes it no less than a worthy piece of art. Depicting the tribal era of the emperors, every bride who loves traditional attires would love this.

Maroon and Gold

Here is another one by the same designer, Tena. Complimenting a dark shade of red, more close to maroon or dark purple with heavy golden embroidery. An artistic combination of stone and hand work, this bridal dress Pakistani speaks a million words of class and elegance.

Multiple Layers of Red and Gold

This floor length gown is embroidered with zardozi and resham paired with lavender colored dupatta based on net. Enhancing the outfit with further detailing and intricacy, Fahad Hussayn really knows how to attract women when it comes to designer dresses for weddings. He knows how to make a bride look like a royal queen straight out of her kingdom.

Red Velvet

Velvet is the perfect material for those cold winter weddings, well obviously not in Karachi. But for the other cities of the country. Places where people actually get to experience winters, or other countries, because Pakistani weddings happen all across the globe. Just like this hot red bridal dress. It has been brought together by pairing a velvet shirt embroidered with zardozi embellishments and intricate embroidery. The top is heavier than the bottom and the dupatta is close to being plain with zarzodi embroidered borders, similar to the shirt. Adding an exciting charm to the entire attire.

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