10+ Bridal Mehendi Dresses

being called an event of colors, your new chapter towards life is incomplete without the festivities of a mehendi. A journey full of happiness, which is everyone’s wish, and when the days come closer. The dates are no further than a few days, they ask for nothing but joy and happiness. Filling their lives up with every color of the world, and the future that is ahead of them is nothing but a sky full of happy memories. Along with fun and entertainment. Unlike the western culture, the eastern culture comprises of living every festive to the fullest, incorporating every aspect of their traditions to it. Just like that, the weddings in Pakistan have also changed drastically compared to the past. Incorporating a mixture of different cultures and religions. This has given birth to not only the ever fancy receptions, but also an extravagant mehendi.

Happy Ever After

From the most lavishing decor, to dance floors that are worth drooling over. Pakistani mehendis are no less than a grand celebratory event. The epic dances, the performances, the food, the enthusiasm, and the vibrant colors of the Pakistani bridal dresses, everything sums up to something perfect. Professional choreographers are hired, just so everything that is meant to entertain the guests is interesting to watch. Be it a dance within the friends or a couple performance, everything has to be the best. Breaking taboos and enriching the dance floor with their “dhumkas” and “thumkas”. They are not just any event, where women sit and sing high pitch songs, instead it is one of the most awaited event of every wedding. An affair of entertainment to the core.

Since the event of a mehendi is usually on a large scale, the brides makes sure that they put in an extra effort towards everything. In the olden times, it was a small scale function, where makeup, clothing and even the attire did not matter a lot. The only thing that mattered was the green and yellow theme. But in today’s era, everything is about the clothing line, the selection of colors. In short, no tables are left unturned. There is no space for mistakes, even if that means spending thousands on bridal dresses. Anything to look the best!

All those to be brides who are looking for some inspirational clothing ideas, here is an entire list for you to decide from.

Simple and Subtle

A simple bride is a stunning one as well. A lot of girls prefer going subtle on the mehendi, so there is some new fancy attire to look forward to on the main day. However, the traditional shades and designs are never left behind. Chunri makes one the best materials when it comes to bridal mehendi dresses. Just like a few of these worn by one of everyone’s favorites celebrities. Surely they must have been an inspiration for the girls who choose to go simple yet classy. Jewelry is also not one of their main concerns, for they prefer being all natural. Chambeli flowers incorporated into earrings and necklaces, adds a breathtaking charm of its own.

The Traditional Shades of Yellow and Orange


Not forgetting about your roots and traditions, yellow and orange bridal mehendi dresses with minimal makeup. The no makeup look by the ever famous Nabila Salon of course, and fresh floral jewels as usual is what you should pick over anything. Inspired by the older era, intricate embroidery and gorgeous embellishments incorporating thread work as well. Beads, sequins, and much more.

Natural Shades of Green

A style worth getting married a million times, which will make you fall in love again and again. A green tones lehanga choli for your mehendi, is something that does not only look the prettiest. But it also adds a charm to the attire of the bride. Getting out of the yellows, and mixing up lively and bold shades of green, bottle green, leafy greens embellished with different types of beads or stones. Beautifully hand worked with intricacy, frilled borders and highlighted hues of pinks and reds is what makes the designer dresses for weddings lively and breathtaking. Celebrating happiness and joy this outfit is loved by each one of them.

Dreamy Contemporaries

These contemporary bridal mehendi dresses with embellishments. Decked work with silver and gold, along with crystal borders makes the typical bridal outfit a dreamy, out of the box attire. It is the ideal apparel for summer weddings as well, which as for different lively shades. These bridal dress images will give you an idea of what we are talking about.


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