Pakistani Bridal Dress Designs for Walima

Hold tight, the latest collection of the Pakistani bridal dresses for walima have been show cased on the ramp. The collection revolves around designs and color combinations that are specifically made for the purpose of a reception. Or as we like to call it in our traditional language- walima. Moreover, we all are aware of the fact that wedding season is about to kick in a few months. For which every bride along with the groom look for Pakistani bridal dresses for all their events.

Designer Dresses for Walima

Considering the fashion industry of Pakistan, our designers work effortlessly and categorize their collection according to the needs of the events. They work on a big scale, providing with the best possible standards required. The days of being confused about what to wear at a wedding ceremony are over, because every designer has outfits for every season. Well, there are some people who cannot afford these luxurious bridal collections. There is not need to be disheartened because you can use these designs as an inspiration, and get something similar made for cheaper, from the local clothing shops. But do not forget to read the copyright rules first! Jokes apart! These outfits are setting up trends at the international level, you may find this collection as the finest in the society.

Pakistani Bridal- Walima Dress Designs

The color combinations for Pakistani bridal dress designs for walima are not specific, like the traditional reds for the wedding and the greens for the mehendi. It can be of any color, other than the two colors already allocated to the other events, of course. The colors that have been popular in the past are pink, sky blue and maroon. But that has completely changed today, the preferable colors are subtle and light, more towards the shades of white.

Here are a few of the astounding walima dress designs that we have picked out for you. Just according to what the season asks for and are easily available in the local market as well. The dresses are intricately embroidered, combined with tulle skirts, embellished blouses and a lot more. The materials used are usually in a combination of silk, banarsi, block printed fabric and net. We have put up some of the stylish walima designer dresses with ways to style them. Hopefully it will help you make up your mind in picking up the kind of outfit you prefer.

Maxi Designer Dresses for Weddings

Being the awe of inspiration and most stylish among all the trends, maxi dresses have taken over the traditional ghararas and shararas. People prefer wearing the maxis at the walima and leave the lehangas for the baraat. The maxis are embroidered using Swarovski crystals, dabka work, and different embossed designs. These designs are embellished on materials like chiffon and silk.

Maxi dresses with net embroidery are considered to be one of the latest fashion trends of the modern world. Maxis in the shades of golden, white, grey and oink are in fashion these days. The trend is eye catching, being a source of fascination at the same time. The designs serve as an inspiration of style. Being one of the royal looks, these spell bound bridal dress designs are captivating and drool worthy.

Lehanga Designs

The trend of dark colored clothing was long in the past, they have changed now. The fashion of wearing dark shades is no more and women categorize the functions according to a different color coding for each event. The shades of green, pink, off white are used in the wedding lehangas. Popularly known as the pastel colors, they giving a modern, yet chic look to the brides.


Handmade Dress Designs that You Can’t Get Enough Of

“The first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. to write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.”

One of the very popular and old brands of Pakistan, depicting the image of villagers in their mirror embroidered clothes. Isn’t that just amazing?

With the evolution of trends in stitching styles, handmade dress designs have long lost their charm. The designs for stitching in the country have never been taken a step back because most women of today prefer wearing clothes that are stitched and designed before hand by the stores. Most of the women are house wives or working women. They either have too much on their hands to spend time doing these clothing chores, or they are too busy working at their offices preferring something fast forward just like their lives.

A lot them give preference to stitched clothing when it comes to outfits for parties, dinners etc. For they do not have the time and energy to do so. However, despite the changes with time, handmade dress designs are still considered vintage and are given the charm over machine stitched designs. By that we do not mean the stitching. In fact we mean the embroidery and embellishments that are done by hand.

As the time is passing by, a lot of trends have come and gone. But women on the other hand prefer intricately made clothing, basically hand made dress designs. Although they do prefer already stitched- which is ready made fabrications of their lawns, summer outfits, winter collections and much more. They prefer hand made dress design patterns on their shirts, tunics, kameez, and much more.

Traditional Hand Made Designs Incorporated into Modern Wear

Don’t these shells that are stitched on the shirt one by one look ethereal?

The dress designs in Pakistan are very well known for their designs, luxurious styles, and prints. The fashion industry of the country is moving very fast, and sometimes it is hard o keep track of the pace when it comes to the clothing styles. All the designs that come under the category of hand made designs are the ever famous, Sindhi, Balochi and Pathan dress designs. The core of the country, which it was created with. All the provinces unite together and make an identity for the fashion world through their hand made dress designs and cultural clothing. That is what adds charm to fashion, along with the contemporary designs.


These days, a lot of women prefer wearing peplum dresses and shirts. They are designed using the same patterns as those on the traditional hand made dress designs, to give a compelling yet cultural look. Aparat from the gowns, peplum and long shirts, the dresses styles are chosen in accordance with the occasion it needs to be worn for. Just the embroidery remains the same.

Frocks look great with stylish bottoms. Stores likes Generation Pakistan and Khaadi give cultural hand made dress designs a huge importance. The color schemes are of different types, varying according to the trends. But the cuts and stitching is also somewhat similar to the traditional kinds form the olden days.

Stitched Kurtis Dresses Designs in Pakistan

Whenever the topic of designs for kurtis comes up, women prefer something that is free of fittings. The kurta, which is also one of the traditional dress designs, comes in various categories and it is free from all sorts of discomforts that comes along with fitted clothing. Loose clothing is obviously a hundred times better than fit clothing, after all everyone needs a breather once is a while. Especially during the hot summer days of the country. These kind of kurtas are usually available in the ready to wear collections and formats. Whatever colors you decide to choose, they all will look great on you, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

The latest collection of Generation Pakistan, caters to the women of the country in their hand made dress designs.

Dresses & Designs for Girls: Teens and Young Women

Wanna know about what you should be wearing during the hot, sunny days of college? Or anyone who just started their new job after getting done with school, having no clue about their daily wardrobe? Isn’t that just cringe worthy? Not being able to decide what to wear! Well, college days and when you are are the best days of your life. They are never forgotten and are considered as one of the golden days of life. Nobody wants to forget them, so why waste time thinking about things that are in our hands.

Once those days are gone, they will never come back. make them mesmerizing and memorable. leave the fashion and clothing part for us. Other than missing out on the most important lectures in class, there are other things to worry about. Such as, what you should be wearing to your friend’s birthday party, or what outfit will look good during the class meeting and so on. Of course, with every thing the way you dress up is also important. It affects the persona of your life, depicting your personality. We are pretty sure you really care about that! Huh?

Also, do not worry about your pockets. We know you work on your monthly pocket money. Just leave all that to us. Feed yourself with dresses that are affordable and give rise to your inner stylist, being the show stopper of your campus throughout the year.

Button Down Shirts

Be the fashion nazi you are, by being trendy and stylish at work or school everyday. What can be better than a button down shirt in such a case? There are tons of store like Stone age, Outfitters Pakistan and Khaadi that make these kind of shirts, specifically for young girls. There should be no confusion whenever you are wearing shirts, because they can be paired with any color denim, which too is available at the stores for very reasonable prices.

Look out for dark colored shirts for the winters and light colored ones for the summers. Settle down for cotton, denim and chiffon material shirts, depending on the occasion. casual or formal.

Skinny Jeans

Be it the weekend or just a boring Monday, one can never go wrong with skinny jeans. Good thing all the designers make skinny jeans now, and one does not have to search everywhere to buy a good pair of jeans. They can be easily bought from all the local Pakistani stores like Khaadi and all. Available in a variety of styles and colors, one can never get over their jeans. The vivid patterns, designs and distressed styles look great with eastern kurtis.

Go for peasant tops, designer shirts, and long kurtis with super distressed jeans. Right when the weather is too warm, wear cotton cigarette pants or flared pants. That way, you can utilize one top for every season, and save money at the same time. Utilize it as a party outfit for the weekend by accessorizing with jewelry.

Summer Party


During the summers, light shades and prints work best. These luxurious dresses are manageable and can be worn by girls at every formal occasion.The dresses are cool, and subtle, with prints that are towards the lighter side. The designers in the fashion industry very well aware of what kind of outfits look best on young girls and women. So there is no need to panic just because you do not have clothes to wear to the prom this season. There is wide collection of dresses designs for girls in the market of every sort and price range.

Shirts and Pants


For all those days that call for traditional and ethnic clothing, choose an outfit that is simple and eclectic at the same time. Shalwar kameez comes in a wide category at every store, like Generation, Ethnic and all, which cater to the needs of young girls. They are one of the most stress and hectic free clothes. Easy on the pockets and cool on the skin. They can be worn either as a three piece suit or as a two piece outfit. Girls who like wearing stoles, can pair them up with just one of those cute scarves they have at Sana Safinaz for your accessory needs.

Net Design Dress: Pakistani Celebrities

Net dress designs are perfect for parties, gatherings, and even a bridal shower perhaps. Take a look at this sensational collection of net dresses that was showcased during the fashion week as well. These dresses can be worn to your regular college proms as well!

Pakistani Dress Design

We all know the fact that women do not leave any tables unturned when it comes to looking ravishing and the best in fashion. They follow the latest trends, not missing even a single chance to look their best and beautiful. In order to achieve these goals, they look and feel their best, by focusing on their clothing trends. Connecting all the dots, dresses that suit a person;s figure, physical appearance and so on are given preference over those that will either look ordinary or not that good. That way a woman’s physical and fashion attire is enhanced to the core.

Moreover, apart from talking about what they should, or should not wear, net design dress Pakistani are considered to be one of the special charms. They are liked by many and used very often at suitable occasions.

The super talented designer “Amato” has come up with an entire line of net dresses for you to drool over and take inspiration from.

Net Design Dress

Net design dress Pakistani come under the category of semi formal clothing, which can be worn either in the form of a cocktail dress or a long maxi dress. It can also be incorporated into a mixed western and eastern outfit. Obviously, a women will not look good wearing such dresses at her wedding, though they can be opted for at the smaller occasions like a bridal shower. These net dress designs are so ethereal, that even Pakistani celebrities are spotted wearing them at award ceremonies. Well, of course these models are also one of them.

The dresses that come under the category of maxi are long in length. they are either a few inches above the ankle, or below the ankle incorporating a trail. The shorter ones however are either knee length or the same length as your mid thigh. There are several tags that have been given to these net dress designs such as a ballerina net dress, a tea length dress and a lot more.

Accessorizing these dresses with high heels, and dark makeup adds a charm to the attire, giving it a more than just semi formal look. More like a glamorous attire worth dying for.

Designer’s Dresses with a Charm

The benefit of wearing these cocktail dresses is that it enhances the figure of the body. It enables a woman to flaunt her bodily contours because they fit well. These dresses manage to give every woman a look that is classy, yet it is elegant at the same time. These dresses have an effect that are intrinsic. They are not at all uncomfortable to wear. Although very fashion frenzy from the outside, they are no less than comfortable socks on the inside. Hence they are known to be one of those dresses, which are a source of comfort and when worn, they add style to one’s attire as well.

Another good thing about these net design dresses is that they are usually made by using the material satin, net, silk and chiffon. Basically a mixture of different materials. Obviously! Our country does not promote sheer clothing, for it is a sign of being indecent in a state of norms and cultures. So the dress designers line the net dresses with silk, or satin. Just like the olden era of the kings and queens.

For this reason, every woman strives to own a cocktail dress in her wardrobe. The styles are of different kinds. From a net dress wrapped around the body, to a fit and flare dress. They are available in whatever style suits every individual best. Here are a few more net dress design images for you!


Latest Bridal Dresses 2018 Pakistan- FPW in Pictures

As the wedding seasons approach, Fashion Pakistan Week showcases a wide collection of latest bridal dresses 2018 Pakistan.

This year fashion Pakistan week welcomes a mixture of different styles. A combination of both traditional and contemporary designs on a huge platform. Followed by a show that was based on not just one, but several days. Tremendous number of designers showed their collection to the world, which is a great inspiration for the winter wedding season that is yet to come.

FPW presented the diverse and mainstream collection of luxury bridal wear, to the semi formal contemporary wear. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? We have piled up some of the designs from the ramp, just for you to see. So take a look at them and decide which one is the best?

Tickled Pink!

Act White!

Grey is the New Black!

A Splash of Color!

Dresses & Designs Pakistani Actors Wore in 2018

Fashion Pakistan week happens every year, to show case all the designer dresses that our ever loved designers come up with for every wedding season. Basically, FPW is the it thing of the year, which everyone looks forward to. Obviously, the reason behind the excitement is that weddings happen in Pakistan all year round, and everyone needs new ideas to come up with for their outfits. These designers work effortlessly, day and night to come up with designs to cater the people, both men and women. The number of these bridal fashion weeks have increased greatly over the past few years depending on the demand.

Celebrities are a big deal when it comes to these bridal fashion weeks, for they play a huge role as being the show stoppers and openers of the ramp every year. Without them, the show would be of a scale not as high, because most of the general population looks up to their daily soap and drama actors.

Dazzling Celebrities- Fashion Pakistan Week

From the promotion of their debut movies, to the release of their new drama serials, or just being the IT celebrity for the fashion week. These actors really know how to get their way through the industry and make the name in the fashion world. People adore watching their favorite celebrities on the ramp, wearing those classy, heavily embroidered designer outfits. Just like every other year, this year also the fashion Pakistan week was star studded. Many of the designers chose the top notch stars, to open and close their show. Actors like Sana Javed- the girl who fought for her brother’s right in her most recent drama “Khaani”, Imran Abbas- the heartthrob of both Bollywood and Lollywood. The most loved sisters Sara and Noor Khan and many other including Kubra Khan, and Ayeza Khan walked the ramp.

Here are some of the pictures from the show for you to drool over!

Sarwat Gillani

This woman really knows how to carry herself well in detailed Deepak Perwani, tie front top and flared bottoms!

Syra Shehroze and Her Mother in Law

Sana Javed and Imran Abbas

A traditional orange and blue front open cape with lehanga is what most brides choose to wear at the weddings these days. That is exactly what has been created as well!

The two co stars gave an idea of how the bride and groom should dress up for their wedding in coordinates outfits. Don’t they look super adorable?

Kubra Khan aka The Kubism!

Spotted wearing a black gown, Kubra really knows how to pull of every look!

Noor Khan

Noor was also seen wearing a black funky dress with detailing on the sleeves. The hair accessory surely added a touch of traditional glamour to their attire.



Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan was seen wearing a very stylish maxi dress. Based on a gold material, and intricate embroidery, she definitely looked like the center of attention at the show. Surely every bride would want to look this glamorous at her wedding.

Hareem Farooq

Hareem on the other hand was seen wearing a contemporary dress in raw silk. The black toe heels, high bun, and smokey eyes. She gave an example of what a woman should choose to wear at a business formal event.